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My Penguin A/C no longer heat pump


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I have Dometic Penguin A/C’s with heat pumps fore and aft. Last fall I had my roof seams resealed which required lifting them. Now the front unit works properly but the rear one no longer has the heat pump setting. When I move through the mode selections there is not one for heat pump on that unit. What might have happened?

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On 3/15/2021 at 6:56 PM, ktloah said:

Check the dip switches...sounds like the unit isn't communicating with the thermostat if you don't see it on the screen 

Picked the coach up from the shop. Tech had checked the dip switches and reset the thermostat. Also used his RJ-11 wire to check. Still no heat pump.

Funny thing, though. I brought it home and exercised the generator. To get the load up on it I turned the forward heat pump on but since I don’t have rear HP now I turned that unit on A/C. But instead of cold air, hot came through the rear vents. So whatever mode the forward unit is in must override any mode of the rear unit, except OFF. 

A similar thing happened on my last trip in January. That was the first time using the motorhome after the heat pump problem began. The weather was cold so I turned the forward unit on HP but since the rear HP didn’t work I put it on furnace. But when the rear furnace came on the forward unit went from HP to furnace. Is this the way the system is designed so you can’t split the modes?


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