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Water pump problem


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Hi the water pump in my 2002 Executive 40PBT stopped working. It appears to not be getting electricity. I checked the fuse in the bedroom closet which also connects the current to the monitor. Something weird is happening. Process: I turn on a faucet (have 3 inside) no water, then I check the fuse in the 12 volt panel in the bedroom closet , good, then I check the monitor for batteries (full), fresh water tank (full), grey water tank (1/4 full), black water tank (empty) and propane tank 3/4 full), all readings are correct . Then I turn the water pump switch on at any of the 3 faucets (I have tried it at each one) still no water. Then I check the monitor again and the readings are all at empty. I will look for a fuse in the bay with the water pump. I am suspecting the relay has malfunctioned. I will also try the suggestions in the other post about water pump problems. Thanks for helping. Max S

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After I got home from work I spent some time working on my pump problem. I found the 2 inline fuses in the bay where the pump is located (a 5 and a 15 amp fuse), and the relay (Bosch 30 amp 12 volt, #091303 P1, 0332019150). I checked the fuses ( both good, then lubricated them with dielectric compound) and then I lubricated the relay pins. My pump has a splice between the front of the pump where the power comes in and the rear of the pump ( not sure if this is stock or not) but it feels like one of the wires is loose in the connector. I pushed it in hoping to get a solid connection (I will replace this connector as soon as I can get a replacement). Went into my coach to test the pump and it is now working again. Poor connections seem to have been the problem. Thanks for the help.  I wouldn’t know where to begin if it wasn’t for everyone on the site that shares their knowledge nor would I have the confidence to get in there and try to fix something. Thank you 

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