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Arrow Dual Filtration System

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My dual filter system started leaking...very small leak, but leaks are something I don't tolerate too well. I pulled the unit off and inspected it. What I found was a small crack in the filter head. I wanted to replace the defective unit with the same one so I dug out my Monaco case and thumbed through the myriad of papers to find out who made the unit. It's Made in the USA and is an Arrow Dual Filtration system, link below.  The file paper said their system carries a lifetime warranty, so I called them. I was asked which system I had, and could I send them a picture of the head unit, which I did. They emailed me back, asking for a mailing address and sent me a replacement, free of charge including shipping. Now that is customer service! It does pay to thumb through all those papers once in awhile......Dennis

Arrow Industries

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