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  1. For the water and electrical hoses, I simply use a rag. Cheap easy solution. Wet the rag and wrap it around the hose and place it in the compartment. When the rag dries, it fills all the gaps. Mouse traps are cheap and efficient. I paid $1.97 for four at Home Depot the other day.....Dennis
  2. I installed the Samsung myself in the campground. Took me a few days because I was working by myself but it was a relatively easy install. See the link below for steps and pics of the installation process....Dennis https://executive45pbq.blogspot.com/2014/06/samsung-refrigerator-install.html
  3. Richard, any muffler shop, especially in a smaller town will be able to fix you up. The shops in the larger, metro areas are "too big" and only look for the easy fixes. JMHO. The smaller towns might not have the fancy building but they will have the worker with the knowledge to do the repair. ..Dennis
  4. August, "assuming" you have the 1200LRIM unit in your coach, you have several options. The Samsung is the most often used unit as it's dimensions are almost identical to the 1200. That said, one of the things to consider on your coach is the height of the top shelf inside the fridge since the furnace will not allow you to lower it. I replaced mine with the Samsung R197 back in 2014. We're full timers and it's been flawless so far. No changes inside the coach as to batteries and/or inverter. I did add a water filter for the ice maker, but other than that it's been good. The only negative, and it doesn't apply to us is there is no 'off' button on the fridge. You have to turn off the batteries or unplug the unit if you put it in storage.....I don't recall the other models but I'm sure others will chime in shortly. It's a PITA trying to match your opening to a new fridge as many web sites do not offer the specs on the fridges...Dennis
  5. Another aha moment eh? I found the same thing when shopping for a coach. We flew to Arizona to see a Dynasty that I had negotiated with a dealer on. After crawling over, under and through the coach, I had four pages of 'stuff' I found wrong with the coach. The dealer 'promised' he could repair all the 'stuff'. I declined, as those types of things indicate the previous owner didn't care too much about taking care of maintenance. How one fails to replace the Aqua Hot exhaust pipe is beyond my comprehension....Dennis
  6. Paul, replacing the springs is not a difficult job....providing one has the proper equipment to do so. There are only four bolts holding the springs in place, with an air connector on top. That said, getting to those bolts is another story altogether. While I have some mechanical abilities and knowledge, I don't have the proper tools to do the job. The coach must be properly supported, (you're disconnecting the air lines), the wheels must be removed, (to access the bags) then everything must be reinstalled and properly torqued. In addition, one must have a location with which to be able to work on the coach. As a full timer, I no longer have any of those options at my disposal. In my book, $180/per bag is worth every penny...in and out in two days.....I do admire those who have the ability and equipment to do these types of repairs.
  7. I posted awhile back about one of my air springs that had failed. I figured if one failed the others might not be far behind. Further inspection didn't change that opinion so I decided it was time to change all of them. The most difficult part was determining the correct part number and whether all ten springs were the same. REV was less than helpful but I muddied through all the info out there and finally determined all my springs were the same, (8619) Using that number, I was able to find Firestones at Michigan Truck Springs in Saginaw, Michigan. After purchasing the springs, ($209 ea. OTD) I found a local shop to install them. Cost for install was $180/spring, which includes some replacement fittings that were leaking, taxes etc. To me, that was worth me not having to crawl under the coach to do it myself. This is simply for reference if someone else is considering air spring replacement. Since I only had the one spring fail, I was able to disable that spring and drive it to the repair facility myself, saving the cost of a tow.....hope this helps someone....Dennis
  8. Jim, if it's priced according to it's condition, I'd pull the engine number and have the local Cummins facility pull all the engine records on it. Easy to do and won't cost you anything.....just a thought....Dennis
  9. Now you've told the world you're a midget contortionist with special characteristics....ROTHFLMAO....Dennis
  10. Just make sure the new replacements have the proper tabs to lock into the tail lamp assemblies. I'd snip one off and take it to my local auto parts store and see what I can match up.....Dennis
  11. Mine had something similar when I bought the coach new, so Monaco may have put that on there. It'll always be a mystery....Dennis
  12. When my cooling unit failed I had insurance to cover it. They gave me a choice, Amish or residential. Not being as smart as I am today, I went with the Amish unit. It lasted a little over a year...about the time the insurance ran out. (head slap) I made the change to the residential myself at my cost. $1100 for the fridge and about $250 for parts. Installed it myself while in a campground. Took me three days. Best move I made....Dennis
  13. That vent is unnecessary with the new installation. However, since it's the removable vent from the outside, it has it's advantages. I used Gorilla Tape on the inside to keep critters from finding their way inside the coach, (think wasps, flies etc.) I also kept my propane line active and can use it for my BBQ and/or campfire. Finally that access door provides easy access to the water purifier I installed on my ice maker line.....Dennis
  14. Ray, the problem with leaving the drawers on the BOTTOM is it makes the upper shelves of the fridge pretty high. Depending on how tall your wife is, that might be an issue. It was for me which is why that drawer was removed. On my Exec, I made no changes to the batteries or the inverter. I installed mine in 2014 and have had zero problems. We full time in the coach..I changed mine out by myself in a campground. Pretty easy to do. The fridge comes in through the emergency window in the living room. If you have access to or a friend who has a forklift, this helps a lot. I made a dolly using 3/4 plywood and four large wheels the same height as the shelf I installed and it slid right into the hole.....hope this helps...Dennis
  15. I would spend my money of 'fixing' what you have, otherwise you're going to be disappointed. Your A/C units should adequately cool your coach. I was only using the front and rear in 120 degree Arizona heat and didn't have a problem. My guess, as mentioned, is your filters and/or properly sealing the units on the roof. Fix what you have before throwing good money at a fix that won't cure your issue. Just my 2 cents......Dennis
  16. Thanks to everyone who posted. My original build sheet does not list the air springs. That said, I was able to get through to REV who had no clue what I was talking about. (head scratch) Without meaning to be demeaning, the gal on the phone should have stayed in the kitchen. Anyway, REV provided THEIR number which I was able to cross reference to the 8619/9376 bag. I've ordered 8 from Michigan Truck Springs in Saginaw. They will be here Friday. The two I had replaced two years ago, I'm leaving alone. Yes, I tried to find out the part numbers off those bags but the dealer simply said Replaced Air Springs with no part numbers. Insurance paid for those so I reached a dead end trying to go that route. I'll post my results next week as I'm scheduled to have them installed on Wednesday. The only issue may be if I have ping tanks. (3/4 fittings vs 1/4) I'll post any issues and the final cost in case someone else needs that info. Thanks again....Dennis
  17. Thanks everyone. The trip from Arizona was in April. The coach has been sitting aired down since then. This morning I went and checked all the fuses, reset the HWH system and started up the coach. I was able to raise it using the keypad without leveling. I then turned the engine off and watched the HWH key pad. Eventually the right side yellow light came back on telling me I was losing air on that side. I aired it back up and shut everything off and walked around the coach listening for an air leak. Bingo! air escaping near the passenger drive axle. Aired it back up again and began a search. Found my rear air bag has a leak. Tomorrow I'm going to be making some phone calls for repairs. I know the bags are Firestone bags. Anyone have a part number.? My concern at this time is availability of product. I'm thinking I might have all 10 replaced but don't know how much that will set me back. Perhaps someone will chime in that's recently had one replaced. While I'm glad I've determined the cause, I'm hoping the cure will be somewhat painless....Thanks again....Dennis
  18. I've experienced the shoulder passers a few times in Texas. And they didn't really fly by, just mosied on down the road about 5 mph faster than I was going. Waved as they passed. I waved back but only used one finger....Dennis
  19. 12 dollars a pop is expensive! 12 X 44 = $528.00 plus tax !!! Bulbs are 14 bucks for 10. Wow!
  20. I've replaced several over the years as the cost of a new pump is comparable to the impeller/gasket replacement kit. Over the years though, I've learned several things:. One, keep the hair out of the shower using a strainer that can be cleaned out after the shower. Below is the one I use. Also, yearly maintenance will keep your pump in excellent working order. They are easy to pop apart and clean the heads of debris. Finally, test the connection that powers the pump. On my Executive, they used undersized wiring which starved the pump causing them to fail. I finally replaced the factory 14 gauge wire with a straight shot 10 gauge and the pump purrs like a kitten now. I would not have another coach without one. The convenience and cleanliness are worth it to me. Also, my campsite only has to be within 100' of the bathroom for me to avoid waiting in line at the dump station. Below is the shower strainer I use and the pump I purchased.....Dennis Macerator pump~ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GCH3N6Z/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. A couple of suggestions. First is the ring around the puck light is held on by tabs. Turning the ring will line up the tabs and the ring can be removed. The glass then is held in place by three small plastic tabs. Use caution not to break any of those tabs. When you press the tabs, make sure you don't drop the glass cover on the floor and break it. Just do things slowly. Now here's another 'tip'. If the ring is difficult to turn it might be 'stuck' to the ceiling material. Using the edge of a credit card, insert it under the ring and move it completely around the ring, then try to twist it. Also pushing upward while turning may make it easier. The bulbs are G4 bi pin halogen. I dislike the heat from the lamps so I changed all mine out to LEDs. If you want to use a dimmer you'll have to buy LED dimmable bulbs or stay with the halogen. I kept the halogen over the sofa and desk and changed out all the overheads. The issue with LEDs is size. Most are too long to fit the puck lights. The ones I purchased are in the link below. They are a hair longer than the halogens but they fit easily into the pucks with no modification. No flicker, and they are really bright. I tried the warm light and didn't like them so I went with the daylight ones.....hope this helps....Dennis https://www.amazon.com/Halogen-Equivalent-Daylight-Non-dimmable-CHEERBEE/dp/B089R8HKH7/ref=sr_1_17_sspa?crid=1OSXDV7YL9BYR&dchild=1&keywords=g4+led+bulb+12v&qid=1627788872&sprefix=g4+%2Caps%2C236&sr=8-17-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyOENPWDE1V1c0TEVWJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNDIzNTQ3M1VBRlFUNlZSSEg1NSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMDg0NTEzMkhUUlo1MU4zRllBTSZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX210ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=
  22. 2005 Executive 45PBQ, Air levelers, no jacks. HWH system. As some of you know, we bought a home in SD and have been living in the coach for the past four months while we rehab the new (to us) home. Now that we are finished and moved into the new home, I decided it's time to move the coach from in front of the garage onto the property. Closed everything up and fired up the coach to move it. No joy! The right side wouldn't air up. After playing with it some, I got her moved onto the property next to the barn. But, the right side still won't air up. I lost most of my hearing in a service related accident so I can't really tell if there's an air leak. Wife says she 'thinks' she can hear leakage near the rear dual on the passenger side. So, I'll try to describe what happens: Start the coach at high idle and air it up til the governor hisses. Press 'travel mode' on the HWH system. Left side airs up, right side does not. Press stop on HWH control panel. Press 'air' twice to go into leveling mode and coach levels as it should and HWH shuts off. I moved the coach with partially filled bags to keep the coach somewhat level yet watching to ensure the front tires didn't touch the fender wells. Got it parked. I'm assuming there are solenoids that determine what is 'travel mode' and I'm thinking that solenoid may not be working, or there could be an air leak although the coach worked ok in our trip from AZ to SD. I did have a slide solenoid fail during that trip but it's been replaced and is working ok. Could they be related? I don't know. Open for suggestions and comments. Also looking for mobile mechanic recommendations in the Sioux Falls area. TIA....Dennis
  23. On my coach, when the power is OFF, nothing works. That said, it was recommended the system not be shut off. According to the mfg the computer works best if left in the on position unless the coach is in storage. My compressor is above the rear axle and becomes annoying if the coach decides to re-level at 3 in the morning.....I know this may not answer your question, but it's the way it works in my coach.....Dennis
  24. I guess the first thing would be to decide what you'd like to put in it's place. Reupholstery shops can do wonders to 'upgrade' your lounger. I use mine all the time and wouldn't hesitate to have it redone. We use that aqua hot as much as the overhead heat pumps.....Dennis
  25. Welcome to the forum Ron. Lots of good people and tons of information waiting at your fingertips. I've sent you a PM.....Dennis
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