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  1. Rob, I'm talking about replacing the entire assembly. Part number C40100....Dennis
  2. Rob, I replaced mine while at a campground. Pretty easy to install. Couple bolts, a wire and an air line IIRC Spray the thing with PB blaster and let it sit overnight. That should allow the bolts to come off easily. Took about 20 minutes. If you're not mechanically inclined or just don't want to fuss with it, any mobile mechanic can do it for you. Best place to look for one is rvservicereviews.com, put in your city and pick one......Dennis
  3. The PURPLE stuff, NOT the GREEN STUFF. The Simple Green, green stuff will damage the radiator. It's not made for aluminum. ALWAYS read the labels....Dennis
  4. We are still amazed at how many RVs only stop for ONE NIGHT. The campgrounds are full in the morning, empty after 11am and full again when the sun goes down. When we travel we like to spend at least a week, sometimes two in one place. Gives us time to see what each area has to offer, talk to the locals and find more 'stuff' to go see.....Dennis
  5. Ronald, here are the filters I use. There are others, of course. I've found these to be the best for my situation. YMMV Hope this helps....Dennis Filtrete : 3WH-STDPLL-F02 Amazon Clicky Filtrete : 3WH-STDCW-F02 Amazon Clicky
  6. Ron, are you talking about the twin holder in the bottom bay? If so, those are standard filters from WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes etc. One is carbon and the other is for impurities. I can get you part numbers if you need them. I also carry extra "O" rings so you don't have a leak. I got mine from Amazon HERE.....Dennis
  7. First question is; is this your original brake.? If so, it's not worth fixing. On my 96 Dynasty the exhaust brake was somewhat ineffective. I replaced it with a new PRXB directly from PacBrake. What a difference !!! I'm sorry I don't have the part number as my maintenance manual went with the coach when I sold it, but you can call or email PacBrake directly. They were very very helpful...... Here's their contact info...Dennis 800.663.0096 / pacbrake.com/PRXB.
  8. Or you could ask an administrator to put it in the "Downloads" section....Dennis Meanwhile, you can also click on it below...D 1291704926__Adjustingentrancedoor.pdf
  9. Monaco number is 800-509-3417 ...Dennis
  10. When I bought it, it had been chipped to 525 HP. Didn't notice much difference except lesser fuel economy. I removed the chip and it's been great for over 100,000 miles....Dennis
  11. I also use the Flexzilla hose. Bought it at Menards. Doesn't come in 25' lengths though. 5' for lead in, I use it from the coach to the whole house filter, then use a 25' hose from Camping World. Both are good hoses. If I were to up the length to 50' I'd buy the Flexzilla. I also have the 100' Flex that I use at the house. Safe for drinking water. 100' hose was about 55 bucks IIRC......Dennis
  12. Mine is a chipped ISM and my sweet spot is 1800....Dennis
  13. 30hrs @ $200/hr - $6k in labor cost. My guess is he just didn't want the work, if you persisted he'd still make enough money for his trouble. Find another shop as he would most likely have your coach forever. Sorry I don't have a clue on how big a job it might be. A lot depends on the configuration of your tanks. Mine is next to the grey and black tanks and appears to be a pretty simple task with the exception of the plumbing. The tank itself would be less than $500 bucks...Dennis
  14. Remember diesel engines work best when fed the right amount of fuel. Flooring the accelerator to climb a hill only wastes fuel. Manual downshifting keeps fuel/air mixture correct as long as you keep the rpms up. Basically the Economy mode is ONLY beneficial on rolling terrain. It reportedly eliminates 99% of downshifts from 6th to 5th according to Allison. In City driving your coach will downshift 200 rpm sooner and will waste fuel. I attended the Allison seminar at an FMCA rally and have not used the economy mode since. Just my experience....Dennis
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