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  1. LOL @ Tom. I did the same. We gotta quit 'saving' things. 😁 My shed is getting full. It's sure a shame that it's cheaper to simply replace things rather than rebuild. Paul, the impeller is the only thing really that goes south as it takes the brunt of everything that's pushed through the unit. It also dries out when not in use for awhile so any crud that adheres to it, even hard water etc. can cause it to adhere to the housing. Then when you do use it, it takes off some or a lot of the rubber. FWIW, I take mine apart at least once a year, usually during my annual inspection/service, to clean the chopper blades of hair and any gunk that's there. I also replace the clear hoses that attach it to the drain at that time.......Dennis
  2. Tom, mine was PLASTIC. 😁 That said, when Debi dropped one of the toilet bowl wand ends down the toilet, I simply used the stinky slinky until it passed then I was good. I've rebuilt my macerator twice due to the impeller failing. It's one of those things we never think about if it's in storage for a bit. That impeller dries on the side of the unit until we use it again. I've taken to adding a bottle of mineral oil to the tank during the last flush out before storage and it seemed to have helped. ..Dennis
  3. I doubt you'll find a replacement due to liability issues. i.e. incorrect installation and electricity = possible fire hazard. That said, replacing the entire unit is neither difficult nor overly expensive. I'd simply pull it out and replace it. Make sure the coach is unplugged and disconnect both battery banks.....Dennis
  4. Greg, First off, welcome to the forum. I've posted a bunch of stuff for your year coach. Here is the link. FYI, click on BROWSE, then DOWNLOADS, for tons of manuals and info....Dennis
  5. While not Monaco specific, the attached link is for service manuals for much of the added equipment in our coaches. These manuals are in .pdf format and can be downloaded free....Dennis SERVICE MANUALS
  6. rvservicereviews.com Leave a positive review. Lots of RVrs use that for recommendations.....Dennis
  7. Looks like they put the same things in lots but there's only about 6 different items. Also, my resellers permit is no longer valid so I couldn't bid anyway. The auction is limited to resellers only. Bummer....Dennis
  8. Perfect example of why it's imperative to use a meter to check the fuses. Short story: In high school, I had a 57 Chevy and the heater wouldn't work. I simply direct wired it to get it to work. Yeah, remember when we did whatever it took to keep things running as we couldn't afford much. Anyway, years later when I actually had a job, I was tinkering around with it on another issue and found the fuse which I had checked. I put a meter on it and found it wasn't as good as it looked. Changed the fuse, rewired it and viola...blower worked like new! I went probably 10 years without that blower being fused when all I had to do was check it properly.......Dennis
  9. My coach's solar wires travel down thru the fridge cover on the roof, thru the fridge box and into the basement. Pretty easy to find them. Pull the fridge cover and see if they are stubbed out there. If not, you'll have to get a tracer like Bob's and use that...BOL....Dennis
  10. I posted these several months ago but thought it appropriate to repost here. You coach is open to all kinds of critters. I had 'droppings' on my engine just below the bedroom so I put a camera inside to see if I could find what critter was hiding out. I also put out a large trap. Here's what happened.. vid one is the first night vid two is the second.....Dennis Vid One.MOV Vid Two.MOV
  11. Wow! That's good to know. I was referring to the Mini....Dennis
  12. Don't know about the SG but even the Mavic's top speed is about 17mph so I doubt the SG is faster. If your racer won't go over 17 mph it probably doesn't need to be filmed.( 🙂 ) .. Dennis 🙂
  13. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing...Dennis
  14. Only critique I'd make is you look way too serious. The scratching of the head was priceless!....enjoy. I think the video quality is fantastic for that and not having to pay $1500 to get it....Dennis
  15. The reason I asked about any expertise with electrical is you don't want to go messing with things that can curl your hair or worse. That said: You say you checked the 'breaker' and it's ok. Is this breaker on the inverter or the breaker box? There should be a button breaker on the inverter itself. It's often overlooked because of it's small size and only a push type breaker. The breakers inside the breaker box sometimes can also appear to be ok when they're not. Turn off all the breakers inside the box and turn them back on to reset them. If that doesn't fix things, then you'll have to dig deeper. So, start at the beginning and start tracing things. You've checked the fuses with a meter, so it appears you've got some knowledge so that's a leg up. Start with your battery bank and check all the wiring to make sure your cables are clean and tight. Batteries are fully charged. Now look in the battery bay for a fuse. It should be somewhere close to the battery hookup. Ensure that fuse is ok. Use your meter and walk forward from your battery bank. This should help you identify where the loss of power is....hope this helps...Dennis EDIT: I forgot to include this, so I'm doing it now. This is the service manual for my transfer switch....D Intellitec Transfer Switch.pdf
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