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  1. Cheapest I've seen for that unit is $429. Who has it for $100 less???...Dennis
  2. It looks like you're missing nuts on the front battery posts. Also two disconnected wires...???....Dennis
  3. Winegard is a BIG company. When each employee writes a positive review, their status elevates. Same with Yelp. Like political polls, they can't be trusted....Dennis
  4. Bob, I only use the diesel for showers. The rest of the time the AH is on electric which provides enough hot water for everything else so the AH electric is on all the time. I've not had any issues with it and, like you have it serviced with my annual service. I see no reason why leaving it on for heat would present a problem, but I don't think it heats the underbelly........Dennis
  5. Diane, follow the above directions but when you get to the last page, scroll down to the bottom and make sure both boxes are checked. If they aren't, check the bottom box and you should get another pop up asking you to Allow or Don't Allow. Click allow and you should be good. If both boxes are checked, uncheck one and log out. Log back in and scroll back to that page and recheck the box. The pop up box should appear asking you if you're sure you want to be notified. Check allow and you should be good.....Dennis
  6. Click on your name...upper right hand corner. On the drop down menu, click on Account Settings. On the next drop down menu, (right side) click on Manage Notification Settings. Click on however you want to be notified, how often and what content.....hope this helps...Dennis
  7. Try looking on the INSIDE of the FRB door. Monaco attaches a sheet there which shows where hidden fuses are located. Open the FRB door and look UP. Easily missed...Dennis
  8. Have you UNPLUGGED the unit inside the coach? Unplug it for 30 minutes and plug it back in if you haven't. This will reset it. I'm assuming, from your description, that the dish continues to spin without connecting. If that correct? Unless you hit it on something the head shouldn't matter. That said, grab one off another dish, and install it. Then try it. I found out about the reset thingy at an FMCA convention because mine was doing that. Cost me $65 bucks for the 'techie' to come to the coach and do it. Live n learn.....Dennis
  9. Remember too, the switch numbers are NOT Carling numbers. They are proprietary numbers pertaining to Monaco only. If purchasing them somewhere else, the numbers on the switches are of no use.....Dennis
  10. Bob..you're giving away your age. Most on here have no idea what you're talking about....Dennis 😃
  11. But Dish will not work with a DirecTV antenna. The antennas are network specific. I believe you mentioned your coach has a DTV antenna correct?....Dennis
  12. We all have our Garmin stories. My first diesel was a 40' Tourmaster. I went from a 29' Winnie gasser to the Tourmaster. We bought it in Houston at PPL and I spent 3 1/2 hours driving around Houston in the wee hours of the morning to get the 'feel' of the new bus. Nothing like some seat time to get comfortable before heading back to California. Anyway we ended up in San Antonio and I had been playing with the Garmin and put in the Alamo. Forgetting that I had done that, I blithely followed directions like a good pilot until I ended up downtown with Garmin telling me to turn right. I should hav
  13. Rebuilt alternators on Monaco products are the ONLY way to go. I bet 90% of 'new' alternator installs report issues. Don't know why and I am not trying to figure out why. I've always rebuilt a failed alternator and never have had any issues afterwards. Cheaper too....Your coach, your choice. YMMV.....Dennis If you have 'issues', just run your genset. It should keep your batteries up enough for you to get to your destination.....Dennis
  14. Monacos have always been persnickety about alternators. I bet posts are 90% problematic if replacing the alternator. They are not rocket engines and I'm not an engineer so I can't say why new or re-manufactured ones give us fits. I'm old enough to remember the DC generators with commutators. Now those beasts were irritating but easily fixable. A good repair shop can rebuild your alternator more easily and much cheaper than buying a new one. This is one instance where buying new is not better. YMMV.....Dennis
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