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  1. I guess the first thing would be to decide what you'd like to put in it's place. Reupholstery shops can do wonders to 'upgrade' your lounger. I use mine all the time and wouldn't hesitate to have it redone. We use that aqua hot as much as the overhead heat pumps.....Dennis
  2. Welcome to the forum Ron. Lots of good people and tons of information waiting at your fingertips. I've sent you a PM.....Dennis
  3. Todd, if they are the switches similar to the ones JD posted above, they are Carling switches. That said, the numbers printed ON the switches themselves are MONACO numbers NOT Carling so they won't do you much good. You can Google Marine Carling switches and get lots of reading on them. NWRV in Coburg Oregon had a bunch in stock....Dennis
  4. When selecting a replacement, especially if there's a furnace below, take into consideration the height of the shelves INSIDE the fridge. Ours had a drawer below the Norcold and DW wanted to 'save' it. However, when we decided on the Samsung, keeping the drawer would make the top shelves too high for her to comfortably get things in and out, so I opted to remove the drawer and lower the fridge. Life is easier when the wife is happy.... 😄....Dennis
  5. Head Slap! Forgot, not everyone is a "retired wanderer"....Dennis
  6. My Monaco manual spells out the MINIMUM specs for the chassis battery. Installing a battery that does not meet minimum requirements often produces unwanted results. Below is the page from my manual. Remember Group 31 batteries ONLY refer to the SIZE of the battery, not it's output......hope this helps...Dennis
  7. RVrs travel at NIGHT? Why?...asking for a friend..😉...Dennis
  8. As a follow up, I replaced the solenoid today. Finally had some free time. It was a lot easier than I expected. I used a long needle nose plier inserted into the holes and unscrewed it without any issues. Thanks to everyone who responded, with a shoutout to David Pratt. It's true what they say, 90% of what we worry about never materializes.....I'm a happy camper once again....Dennis
  9. It's actually a Esslinger built motor, but simply saying it's a Pinto blows a lot of minds.....Dennis
  10. We have a WINNER! Winner winner chicken dinner!!!.....Dennis
  11. Maybe we should have a separate feed for our hotrods, eh? Here's another one of my cars a 23 TrakT. Five stars to the first one who can identify what engine is in it....Dennis
  12. You guys woulda loved the sound of my 34 3 window coupe. 350 Chev, 450 HP. Built FORD tough, with all CHEVY stuff.....just sayin....Dennis
  13. Is it a TriMark or an Essex? Different animals requiring different programming. I hate it when the techs mess up things while fixing other things. Especially when they 'forget' to tell you they messed those other things up. You usually discover them when it's not convenient.......Dennis
  14. You might need that if you ever replace just to plug on your cord. I replaced mine with the pull out handle and it wouldn't fit through the opening without removing two of the rollers.....Dennis
  15. I see the Big Daddy Garlits signboard too..... 😁..Dennis
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