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  1. For what it is worth, my 2006 Diplomat with an ISL400 has the 6 pin ports under the dash and in the FRB. I am using the VMSpc and I am able to get tranny temp and gears. Is it possible the that the adapter from BlueFire is not working? Any chance you could check it on another vehicle?
  2. Good Morning Has anyone had a windshield changed in Canada? Or where to source one? I used to change windshields and I am still in the glass business so doing it myself is an option.
  3. Thank you all I like that set Bob
  4. Good Morning All I have a 2006 Diplomat with, I believe, a Weldex back up camera. My rig is in storage and not easily accessible and I would like to know what the screen size is on the camera system. can any one tell me what he width and height are? I am looking at a new system that comes with a choice of monitor size. Thank you
  5. I have that connector in the same place on my Diplomat. Dumb question but were the Diplomats made in Indiana and Oregon? Could that be the difference?
  6. What does the "shorting plug" look like? Great questions Bob. The ABS diagnostic might help explain the strangled beeping and ABS Light I get on wet roads.
  7. Thank You Scotty. The questions made me realize I wasn't too familiar with the system and I shoud change that.
  8. Hello I have a friend with a boat that wants to install a generator and an inverter/charger. He has asked me how the system works and I am not entirely sure. So is there a diagram out there that would show how the Shore power/ Gennie/ inverter are wired for a 2006 Diplomat PDQ? I looked in the downloads section but I could not find one. Thank you
  9. If you have an enclosed trailer, could you not put a battery bank in the trailer to charge by the panels and electrically at the CG then use that to charge the car overnight or on the road?
  10. Make sure the valve between the fresh water tank and the pump is closed. I have missed it a couple times because it is behind the pump.
  11. Thank you all I was leaning toward the cut off switch because I went out to move it into storage today and the magnum display and the inverter LED were turning on and off. That is the switch I have. It is turned off now as the RV is put away for the winter. I will order a couple and change the house and chassis switches out in the spring. Is there a Switch that is recommended?
  12. Ok I will see if I can find it. Went out today and everything seems to be working. Gotta love intermittent problems
  13. Ok I assume that it is in the FRB? There is a number of relays in there. How do I identify it? Can I just connect the switched wires and cap of the wires to the coil?
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