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  1. It caused the floor of the RV to rise? Isn't the black and grey tank above the fresh water tank? That means the fresh water tank expanded enough to crush the holding tanks, which are vented, and push the floor up? Or do you mean the top of the water tank started to rise?
  2. Thanks Scotty I will get in touch with them
  3. x 2 with a Pepwave Max Transit Cat 18 LTE Advanced Pro Router from Techno RV
  4. Our first trip with the new set up starts tomorrow. I had nothing before this, just relied on the phone or laptop antenna so I hope there is some improvement. I will let you know.
  5. Hello Where do I find the parts list. I need the manufacturer and model of the driver side mirror for my 06 Diplomat. I believe the manufacturer is Ramco. I had new tires put on the rears and while it was at the tire shop the mobile truck backed into the mirror with the boom, enough to move it and damage the chrome on the housing. The shop was doubtful the did and promised they would "check their cameras" which I, cynically thought was a way to blow me off. However the manager called the next morning to apologise and say the would take care of it.
  6. The cable supplied was not long enough and the individual coax cables are in a mesh housing. So I just mounted it to the roof for now. I will see how that works and if necessary I can get an extension and some heat shrink for the exposed cables.
  7. This is the link to the IRV2 post: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/my-30km-wifi-solution-19-miles-515316.html
  8. Perfect Thanks Richard. I found the post finally on IRV2. Bob Jones had posted about attaching a dish to one of the arms on the antenna. I have a Ponyting https://poynting.tech/antennas/mimo-3-15/. Weight wise it is ounces different. To be honest I'm not sure which is heavier, the old bat wing assembly odr the new antenna. I'm thinking to get a bracket made from aluminium made to match the the batwing attachment then add a flat aluminum plate to fasten the antenna to. Then I just need to get the wires through the roof.
  9. Hello All I thought it was here I saw someone post that they had removed the batwing antenna and adapted a cell/WiFi antenna to it so the y could raise and lower it. I have searched but I must not be using the right words
  10. I just got A Pepwave Max Transit Cat 18 LTE Cat 18 with a Ponyting omnidirectional antenna. You can check it out at https://www.technorv.com/pepwave-cellular-routers/. Played with it last night in the house with the antennas it comes with and it worked well. Takes a bit of set up but Techno RV has lots of videos on that. It has 4 cell and 2 wifi antennas and is able to monitor which band has the most room and switch to your best option base on priorities you specify. Going to get it installed in the motorhome today hopefully
  11. Birdshill? are you in Manitoba?
  12. Hello All I need a Windshield for my 06 Diplomat. Does anyone know of a Canadian based supplier?
  13. My Muffler is going to need to be replaced soon. What would you recommend for a 2006 Diplomat?
  14. Very Nice. What did you use?
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