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Kwikee Light

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A minor annoyance, but I just fixed the under step light (broken wire inside spade connector) for the Kwikee steps and noticed the light only works if the Power Step switch is on and the steps are out.  That means the door has to be open for the light to work (steps retract with door closing), which makes no sense.  

I checked the Kwikee Step manual and this is normal.

There's an unterminated brown wire (Ok, maybe it's purple with dirt on it) coming out of the Kwikee controller module for an optional step light switch connection.  

Has anyone found a way (easy way, of course) to feed the porch light wire to under the door?  I really hate hacking the wires at the switches . . . then finding a clean way to get outside. 


- bob


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I replaced mine with an LED light and wired it to the step light circuit. The wire for the step lights is close and I just used the clip on wire terminals. The put it in a loom and taped it up really good. I leave it on all night most times and it doesn't need the porch light to work.

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