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Alternator Question

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I've noticed when the ignition key is on and the engine NOT running the aternator light on the dash isn't working. I checked the wire and it has a one way diode in line between the dash light to the alternator and it has continuity as well.  I can remove the wire off of the alternator and ground it and the light on the dask comes on. Other then that the alternator is charging as it should. I decided to replace the alternator because I wasn't sure of its age and trying to avoid other problems.  After installing the new alternator I still have the same problem. The alternator is wired correctly so my question is, is the dash light suppose to come on with the key on and the engine not running or only if the engine is running with a FAILED alternator? Thanks     

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Just a guess... to me it comes on when the key is on but engine is off let's you know the light is working.

Steve King

1996 Dynasty

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