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Replacing a roller on my bedroom slide out

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I noticed some mangled ba lack plastic on the floor in the coaches bedroom and upon close inspection found that the black nylon roller covering of the rear slide roller had been coming off the roller.  I believe this is a “Happy Jack” slide system.  Anyone replaced a roller on one of these.

Thanks for any help,




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Bummer no replies yet. Well one Gary to another, your coach is way above mine. Wish I could help. Lots of pictures may help if someone reads your post.

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Guest Ray Davis

I haven't heard of a Monaco with a Happy Jack slide.  I believe the pictures in the link below is more than likely what you will see when removing the bed platform ( box ) to access the rollers.

Quick Tips and Easy Mods (Monaco Style) - Page 77 - iRV2 Forums*

The bed starts at post #1070.  Rollers can be found in the parts list ( downloads ) on this forum.

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