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Exploring some travel options

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We are exploring some travel options and need some advice.  We live in Minnesota are trying to coordinate an RV visit to Maine (Acadia, Booth Bay, etc.) to see our kids sometime after Labor Day.

We also need to be in Lisbon, Portugal September 21to October 8th, 2021, and are planning to be back in Minnesota in time to catch our flight to Portugal.  There is probably plenty of time to make that happen, but we just realized that we could instead park the RV near Boston and fly to Portugal from there, thereby eliminating any time crunch, and just drive the RV home to MN once we return.  Which brings me to my question.

Where could I safely park my RV ( and maybe the car) near Boston and easily be able to get to and from Boston Logan airport?  I would need AC power to keep my fridge powered and may even need to use my propane furnace should freezing weather happen, but I wouldn’t need other facilities that an RV park might offer.  I could use my car to get to and from the airports if that is more cost effective than storing the car, and take public transportation to the airport.

I could also travel instead from New York City if there were better options for storing the RV there.

I would greatly appreciate any advice about the idea. 

Dave Jones

2005 Scepter

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3 hours ago, redstickbill said:


If you are retired military perhaps you could store the RV at Hanscom AFB, and catch the local bus to the airport.

Bill B 07 Dynasty

I am able to utilize the FamCamps, but unfortunately they offer no reservations.  Nevertheless, we will consider it.  Thanks for the idea.


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