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Onan 10K & 12K oil filter replacement.


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Changing the oil in my Onan 10K with a Kubota engine. Balked at the $30-$40 prices for a 187-1000 filter and decided to look in my shop for one. Had a Kubota HH1C0-42430 on the shelf and other than being slightly longer it’s a exact replacement. EBay has it for less than $15 and Amazon for $19.

Going to scratch the # on and hours on the filter as it’s only on the wrapper.0882F4D0-93BD-4542-8F3E-1D5DCC2B1D4A.thumb.png.7e57d1a2877932513e79e20d89295a1c.png

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I get mine from NAPA for about $8. I change my oil and filter much sooner than what Onan recommends as I don’t put a lot of hours on the generator but I change it at least every other year. If I put a good amount of hours on it in a season then I change it yearly. Oil and filters are cheap insurance 

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