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Installed dedicated monitor for Aladdin System

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Recently purchase 2004 HR Scepter 40PDQ. Our first MH. Spent 2 years outfitting a  40 ft sailboat for a 4 year cruise in the Bahamas. Many systems are similar between MHs and boats.

At final check of MH, I asked where tank monitoring was. I was familiar thru the internet with the Aladdin system. No one could find a monitor or TV that was connected to the Aladdin. Call to previous owner and he said when the the original TVs were changed to LCDs, they did not connect to either TV. Dealer stated he would get it working. Tech installed a powered video switch that allowed either coax or composite video to rear TV. Joystick allowed viewing the main screens with data that was realistic.

I ordered an under $50 7” color monitor from Amazon. Monitor arrived, fired it up and had a pretty good picture from Blue-Ray DVD. Ran on 24vdc power supply for 4 days while waiting to start project on MH. Bumped it against my hand many times a day to see if anything might come loose inside. It keep on working.

From other posts, I got an idea of were the Aladdin video box might be. Removed the access panel holding the radio and AC controls which is mounted on the center of the console. Buried under lots of extra wires is the Aladdin box with two different sets of video/audio RCA connectors plugged into outputs 1 & 2. In the driver side overhead console is a Sony audio/video switch box. Used temp power to the monitor and switched between the 4 yellow video cable until I found the live wire. Worked great, joystick allowed switching between screens.

From other posts, a good place was to mount monitor to left of steering wheel on flat area running along window, just in front of the leveling bubble. Pulled the decorative caps and screws out of the driver side A pillar. The plastic cover that runs from the dash to the roof appears to be held in place by the forward edge of the window frame. It would not slide out of the way. Pulled the lower edge of the trim away from the windshield and was able to push the end of a 4’ length of 1/2” OD PEX plastic pipe thru the opening with all the other wires coming down the A pillar. The video monitor has an approximate 14” long pig tail with a 1/2” diameter round connector. The power and audio cables have the opposite gender connector. Cut 3 short slits in the PEX end under the dash, slid the connector up into the inside of the PEX and taped the two together. Pulled the PEX up to above the dash and was able to connect the two cables together.

With the radio out of the way, the PEX was long enough to slide across the panel under all of the dash instruments to where the cable came down. Taped the power and video cables to the PEX and pulled them over to the radio area. Upcoming project is to replace the Weldex backup camera monitor. Made the decision to “temporarily” feed power to the new video monitor from the cigarette lighter power. May rewire if I find a better source while rewiring the backup monitor. Video male end was long enough to plug into Video 3 port on the Aladdin. Had to splice in about 16” of red/black to get over to the lighter.

Picture is before the cable was tucked into the crack between the post and dash covers. Monitor is working as it should. Power comes on when the House Supply switch is on. If ignition key is off, pressing the Aladdin joystick turns the Aladdin on. Access to engine, house AC, tank info via the joystick.  Velcro was used to mount the base. The base is probably the cheapest made part of the video monitor system. Rotational swivel screw is on the bottom of the base. Velcro lets me pull up the base if not positioned correct. Brightness seems OK with the bright sun over the last few days. Will be on the road next week and see if the level is right. Monitor menu lets the level be increased or decreased. May build a hood to go around the top of the monitor to block some of the sun light.

Most of these inexpensive monitors have 3% to 10% feedback of 1. Some concern as to how long it will operate. Have found other monitors not on Amazon that are around $100 and may go that route if this one fails.

Search Amazon for this monitor:              Padarsey 7 Inch LED Backlight TFT LCD Monitor     $42 plus tax.            

I believe information is good. This gives me more info and that is good. The original TV displayed this info but there is an interlock that will not let the TV be on if the engine is running. Will see how it goes down the road.

Dedicated Aladdin monitor.JPG

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quick update. after over 3,000 miles and 3 months, monitor still working great. monitor is on most of the time so tanks and house electrical can be monitored. I do get occasional flashes in the monitor which is probably coming from the Aladdin system. While there is other info within the system that the Aladdin does not display and it could be  rearranging for more usable info on the pages, I am very pleased with the $50 addition to the system.

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