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Kool-Magic replacement?


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‘96 Monaco Windsor, C8.3

Decided to troubleshoot “Kool-Matic doesn’t work”, statement by PO.

Ok let’s see what it even looks like! Open the grate, 2 wires hanging there! No motor or fan or squirrel cage or anything, so I still don’t know what it is supposed to look like. I called a couple of used parts places with no luck.

Has anyone replaced it with something else? It appears that it might have been just small dc motor with a fan attached?

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The Kool Matic fan has been obsolete for years.  Your only hope is to call a salvage yard. 

I did find a compatible motor for mine 4 years ago from Autozone, it was a 4Seasons/Everco/A/C Heater Blower Motor PN 35551, not sure if is still available,


The motor that I replaced had a larger armeture but it was wore out where the brushed ran. 

The fan blade itself is a simple 4 blade design that fits the shaft of the motor. 

Mine is controlled by a thermostat but there is also a knob on the fan grill to change speed, it 3 speeds.

It does work well and I use it a lot.  I also have a fantastic fan in the bathroom but prefer the Koolmatic. 

If you can't find parts a different type of fan may fit in the hole. 

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