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Generator won’t shut down

Joe Lee

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75710E36-7319-4815-B65E-EB19F2B43814.thumb.png.5ff1b2ceb34b573bf3cbe46777e5ca2e.pngMy Onan 10HDKAG Series A 10k generator won’t shut down at the switch. I have replaced the fuel solenoid. It appears this solenoid needs to push forward to shut the unit down. But, the solenoid appears to only be made to pull in at start up then hold in a neutral position. It never moves forward to stop the genny. I have to do this by hand. 

also, I reviewed the parts manual and I am supposed to have a Rod End Clip on the arm of the solenoid. I can’t figure out what this clip would do, but that could be my missing link!

Does anyone have a picture of what a properly connect fuel solenoid should look like?  I have attached a picture of mine. Am I missing some parts to make it stop?



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I believe so? It was cross referenced from the original and I have seen it on this type of genny online. But I’m open to whatever info I can get from you and this awesome group!  Thanks for the help. 

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Did the original solenoid have a spring return built in?

If the replacement does not, it should be fairly simple to rig a return spring on the arm.
Just choose a spring that is strong enough to pull the stop arm to the closed position, but not so strong that the solenoid cannot pull fully in when the unit is running.

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