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What Product do You Use?

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Todd, we have our coach professionally cleaned in Arizona every winter, usually in March, then i use a spray on to keep it clean.  As for the roof I clean it again in September. After clean it I apply a coat if Mop n Glow to the top.  it works well.  I apply it with a sponge mop being careful not to let it run over the sides of the coach.  I did that once and had white streaks down the sides. 

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For those of you that have been around for a long time and visited the Diamond Hill Monaco repair facility might remember Mary Moppins.  She would hold seminars on waxing the sides and top of coaches.  No matter what brand of wax you used on your coach, she would ask you to glide a terry cloth over the waxed area.  Then she would spray on her Advantage waterless wash protectant product on that area and wipe it dry.  She would ask you to glide the terry cloth over the same area for you to experience the amount of drag.  She made a believer out of everyone who tried.  An easy wipe on, wipe off application.  www.goclean . com.  Leave out the spaces.

Chuck B 2004 Windsor

I might add that it worked great on the front windshield making it easy to remove the bugs.  Worked great on the inside of the glass shower door.  Chuck

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