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On the bottom of my fuel tank I have this rubber (I think) type of plug. Is this a drain plug for my fuel tank. Also after returning from filling my fuel tank I parked the coach on a small slope for an hour or two before coming out to level it. On the low side of coach fuel was leaking  out around the fuel cap and it was tight. Is it normal for fuel caps to begin leaking and if so Can these fuel caps be replace.




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There is a name for that type of plug but I don't remember what it is. Possibly some one here will remember.

My diesel fuel caps do not vent or leak when tight. On numerous occasions when I find really cheap diesel I will lean the coach down using my HWH air leveling control panel on the opposite side where I plan to pump fuel. I have done this pumping from either side and have never had any fuel leak out and the tank has been super filled.

Not sure what your fuel cap looks like but here is a Link with photo of what is used on my fuel tank.




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