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Slideout Curtain on 2007 Signature and Others

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I just repaired a frayed/broken string on the front X-slideout curtain.  It is an easy job, nothing like day/night shades.  The curtain strings are attached to bungee cords so it was just a matter of replacing the string and using a small piece of 1/4" aluminum tubing to crimp them together.  Here are some photos to help the next repairman.  The .pdf file attached shows a photo of the curtain in place as well as the Monaco dimensions and part number.

Slideout Curtain 10.JPG

Slideout Curtain 2.JPG

Slideout Curtain 3.JPG

Slideout Curtain 4.JPG

Slideout Curtain 5.JPG

Slideout Curtain 6.JPG

Slideout Curtain 7.JPG

Slideout Curtain 8.JPG

Slideout Curtain 9.JPG

Slideout Curtain.pdf

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