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Recovering Captains chairs in Tucson

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Do a google search using the search string "automotive upholstery shop tucson" and you'll get a few hits.

Any of them could do that.  Get some bids.

FYI, I had a tear in the drivers seat repaired.  It looks like new.  Depending on what's wrong with your captains chairs, you could ask about repair instead of re-covering.


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1 hour ago, 63Hotrod said:

Can anyone recommend a shop in Tucson who could do this type of work

Well not in Tucson. I recently was given info about a ex employee of Flexsteel has all the patterns and has opened a shop. She can make the covers then you have to find an upholsterer to install or do it yourself.

Lisa Bauer

Bauer RV Upholstery LLC

449 Clarke Dr.

Dubuque, IA  52001


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4 hours ago, 63Hotrod said:

Gary  great lead I will be in-touch with them


Make sure I get a little credit!!!!

If she does a great job, I’m sure we can keep her busy.

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Guest rangerboat

I wonder how Flexsteel feels about an ex emplyee having their patterns and selling them? Generally any pattern is considered proprietary to the manufacturer.

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Well I assume she purchased them from Flexsteel. They had a small factory in Riverside Calif which is where I plan to have mine reupholstered with her covers. I am going to call the Riverside upholsterer to get his cost to add padding along with the new fabric. I visited an RV furniture store in Idaho to look at captains chairs sold online and while some were cheaper, no thankyou. Im comparing prices between having a upholsterer just redo and having Bauer do them. Best I can say is to call her and ask your concerns. Her website isn’t finished yet. 

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