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Flexsteel Seat Covers Finally

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Just placed my order for new seat covers with Bauer RV Upholstery. Should have them next week. Found out thru Lisa that the reason why my seats look so bad is not because of the Ultra Leather, but because the trim was a cheap fabric. (I guess the Knight’s got the cheaper seats.) That part is wearing thru the vinyl. The part you sit and rest against is ultra leather and is in great shape. My new covers will be 100% Ultra Leather. My fabric code was on a sheet of paper stuck up in the springs.
She has the patterns from 2000 and above!
Im lucky to be close to their California shop right now that closed, but the installer retired when it did, but is doing installs out of his home.

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10 hours ago, azlein said:

Could you post some pictures?

I will after the install.

The person doing the covers worked for Flexsteel. She bought all the patterns from them.

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5 hours ago, pbustamante41 said:

Is it possible for you to message me with the contact information for the upholsterer ?

I posted her info in another post but here it is.


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