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Dash AC/Heater motor access


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11 hours ago, DJR1SR said:

1999 Monaco Diplomat, dash AC/Heater how do you access the motor? My motor stopped working, the fuse are good, heat and AC work just no fan. 

Did you check the resistor pack that controls the speed of the fan, unlikely that all 3 resistors failed but never know.  My resistor pack is mounted in the plastic shroud surrounding the evaporator on the fire wall. 

In the download section there in the Air Conditioning and Heating section in the Dash HVAC folder there are a  couple documents showing how to replace the dash blower motor.  This might give you some pointers. 

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Thanks Jim, I final have a wiring schematic. The AC/Heater fan stopped working, heat and AC work. Upon further investigation, removed the plug at the resistor, the orange wire measured at low fan speed 10.7 volts, medium 10.9 volts, high nothing.  Voltage out of the fuse measured 12.7 volts. The normal assumption would be the switch is bad? Am I missing something? Thank you in advance.

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