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Extend-a-stay HR Scepter cross mounted propane tank, what quick connects to use


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2004 HR Scepter with propane tank mounted across the MH just in front of passenger rear wheels. Solenoid valve with integral manual valve, flare nut connector, 2 stage regulator and hose to black iron pipe for distribution. About a 24" reach in narrow opening between tank and  compartment to get to fittings. Cut hole thru plastic in rear compartment in between the structural supports and installed 7" marine access port ($17 on Amazon). Now have pretty good access to fittings. Second picture is thru the access port showing old system with the new tee/valve above (#8 SAE flare and 3/8" tee/valve). Having propane hose made to go from  the elbow above tee and to the fill/vent fitting bulkhead plate at outside of compartment.  The new tee and fittings will be longer than the original connector and will push regulator to the right about an inch. There is plenty of hose connected to the regulator to push the regulator further away and will install screws into the regulator support plate from below.

For those that have connected an external tank, what fitting did you use? The extend-a-stay tee kits have a propane bottle 1"-20 fitting and a 1/4" male flare fitting (probably #6 SAE) with cap. As this will be used for mostly hi-press gas going to a grill or fire ring, I have been thinking about using a 3/8" hi-press quick connect. Would carry a few fittings and would be able to tie in a hose from a bulk tank. 

Above my propane tank is the iron pipe distribution for the furnace and stove top. I plan to remove the end elbow and replace with a tee to add a Low press fitting for other consumers of propane.

I have never hooked up a bulk tank and looking for input as too if the propane supplier furnished the hose and what fitting does it have.


HRS propane porthole.JPG

HRS propane tee valve.JPG

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I added to a post on IRV2 how my extend-a-stay was completed and will not repeat here. The steel female swivel fitting in the picture above was a size larger than the fitting in the valve and this DID NOT WORK as shown above. Could not find a female #8 flare swivel by pipe straight fitting. 

If I did this over again, I would look at replacing my house regulator to see if this supply and the extend-a-stay hose could be feed into a dual supply regulator and automatically switch to house tank if external tank went empty.

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