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cruise control drop out 2005 Dynasty

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The Aladdin gets all its engine data, including the road speed from the engine ECM computer via the can data bus (likely J1939).  You mentioned that the Cruise control also quits when you are having problems with the Aladdin.  I'd focus on the can data bus connections between the engine ECM, the Aladdin, and the ground and power connections to the Smartwheel controller.  Are all your dash gauges working properly?  These are also connected to this can data bus.  If you also are having periodic issues with the dash gauges and this is a new to you coach, or a recent problem after you had service behind the dash, it would be good to verify that the terminating resister is still installed at the end of the can buss under the dash.

It also would be good to verify that all the ground connections under the dash are good and that you have no issues with low battery voltages.

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Where does the Aladdin get it's road speed from?  Locate your Aladdin Controller module.  If you have access to behind the dash gauges via a covered opening on top of the dash The controller should be inside the cover.  If not, the controller might be located in one of the overhead compartments.  The controller module number will be on the face of the module.  The engine data/power cable coming from the ECM will be plugged into the engine buss jack.  The wires in the cable consists of data plus labeled  J1587+, data minus labeled J1587- , 12 volt DC power, and Aladdin ground.  Chuck B 2004 Windsor

Make sure that none of the wire harness plugs are loose/not plugged in good on the controller.  

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