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Bedroom Slide making strange sound when opening or closing

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Our 2000 Monaco DIPLOMAT 36DS has a Bedroom slide the contains cabinetry of closets and drawers. The queen size bed runs fore and aft. Under the bed is a plywood box between engine cover and bed frame or support. The top of box is nailed in to box sides about every 4 inches. No visible means of lifting lid short of prying cover off. Have also tried to lift box without success. When open the rack gear shows no damage or teeth missing. So I am assuming pinion is damaged or has debris that is causing the sound. Sound occurs about every 6 inches of rack travel. 

Cabinet set on a piece that slides in and and out. Picture of step that slide rests on and box under bed attached. Removing the bottom drawers I only see more carpet. So believe pinion and slide motor are in plywood box under the bed. Has anyone experience with this or similar issue on older coach?

IMG_5551 is step and IMG_5553 is plywood box in side bed frame.

Pat C



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Hi Pat!

Interesting. I have a 2000 Diplomat 36D but under the bed my box is not plywood, it's that really think cheesy veneer (same as the bathroom door on mine). I think that is where the gear is for the slide out. I don't recall every being in mine. Perhaps yours had the same cheesy veneer and someone wrecked the lid. I know on mine, if I'm working on the engine, you can't put any weight on it or you'll punch a hole right through it. 

I do know that there is more/less nothing under the carpet in the closet. I took out that entire closet at one point to deal with a water leak issue I had. Under the carpet is just an aluminum frame with more of that really thin veneer on top of foam insulation. I didn't take the top layer of veneer off though so maybe there is something under it? I don't really know how the rear slide works as ours has not been problematic. Done LOTS on the front slide though 🙂

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What is the noise? Mine (bedroom slide) sounds like the chain jumping a tooth at the very end of retracting the room. I've looked at it. No broken teeth, works as advertised... Pulls  it all the way in pushes it all the way out but I have often wondered why it makes that sound.

( Sorry for the late edit) I wasn't in the right frame of mind during my original post.

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