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  1. Per Delco Remy and other sites nothing in their starter including that solenoid is rebuildable. The picture I posted is a contactor not a solenoid. Failing solenoid is one mounted on the starter. Thank you for comment that is not related to being plugged in.
  2. Well aware that the starter has a solenoid built into it. And that is what has failed repeatedly. The contractor I show in picture I believe is actuated by the ignition switch to past thru the higher current needed to start the engine. The photo is the original device provided by Monaco in building the coach. New picture shows location where contractor was located by Monaco. Also now showing the Delco Remy 29MT starter used on my ISC. The failed starter solenoids the larger of two items mounted on top of starter. What I am looking for is what is causing the solenoid mounted to starter to
  3. John, I agree they should be able to diagnose problem. All they want to do is get your started and on the road. Believe me I have talked and shown issue to many mechanics and RV owners. Thanks for reaching out. Pat
  4. Here is picture of failed relay that found at truck repAir in Stockton. It was only found to be failed on last starter replacement. Contractor is 100 amp normally open. Trying to talk in detail with most RV and truck shops today is very difficult in NorCal. They are all short of techs and repair commitments are minimum of 3 weeks out. Coach is local RV shop with a potential return date of 6/9/21. I thought maybe one of forum members might have experienced similar issue.
  5. All 4 starter solenoids have been tested by each mechanic as bad. Cummins factory also tested first solenoid and agreed it had failed. Not sure what continuous plug in since 1999 has to do with the issue. As discussed chassis batteries have always checked out at 12.4-12.5 First and fourth replacements were by professional truck shop mechanics. two and three were by professional mobile mechanics. I am just search for possible reasons for failures of the starter solenoids. Maybe not the Transfer/Switch or Inverter/Charger. Last mechanic check ignition switch at dash. Just t
  6. Our coach is 2000 Monaco Diplomat 36DS with ISC 315 Cummins. Basically stock with exception of new vinyl floor, LED headlights and taillights. Still has original transfer switch and Legacy inverter/charger. Both chassis and house batteries are about 2 years old. Chassis batteries test in 12.4-.5 range with load tester. Reason for submission is in last 18 months we have had to replace engine starter 4 times always with new units, not rebuilt. The only commonality I can determine is that we were always plugged into 30 or 50 amp pedestals. I do have a built-in Progressive unit between incomi
  7. The info you provided was great. Interesting I ended up buying the fitting from a supplier - Motion Flow Control Products. Local store directed me to their Billings MT store. That store had 50 in stock. Apparently the only USA source at moment. Other suppliers were quoting June 21, 2021 before they were back in stock.
  8. Ncsteve - Thanks for quick tip on part Landlubbber http://www.mscdirect.com
  9. Looking for help identifying and removing this T fitting on air suspension lines. Appears to have been damaged when coach was recently towed. Coach is 2000 Diplomat RR8R chassis Thank you Pat C.
  10. Steve I notice two paragraphs of disclaimers on the Amazon page you referenced that would keep me from buying these bulbs. I think the manufacture knows they are trouble. " [Note tip]: Size: 9mm*35mm, Please note that this bulb is a little larger than a traditional halogen bulb. Please refer to the second picture for details. This bulb ONLY used for 12 volts(AC12V and DC12V) lighting appliance.Non-dimmable, please don't use them with dimmer or unstable 12 volts, or the bulbs will flicker or make noise. [Technical Features]: Watts: 1.5W LED bulb Equivalent to 10W T3 Halogen Bul
  11. As Bill said LED's are polarity sensitive. They also require very clean grounds.
  12. Chad, Interesting comments. I have read several places that Lift Pumps tend to fail about 100K. Mine started leaking about 102K and engine was miserable to start. Interesting engine ran better at 6K elevation. Guess Lift Pump was not keeping up with fuel demand. I sometimes stop needing only 1/2 a tank just to buy #2. Enjoy your travels. Pat
  13. Dan, The newer Cummins like yours do not seem to have the issues that pre-2002 engines have with Bio. By time your engine was built engine manufacturers pretty much knew what they were dealing with for fuel and tried to compensate. My 2000 ISC runs very rough off Bio. Most truckers you are talking to have newer engines I'll bet. Had a '67 Mustang GTA with the 390ci engine. Our local race engine really did not want to rebuild that engine in the 90's. In his opinion too much change in CA gas and the 390 did not modify well to run the later era fuel. Pat 2000 Diplomat
  14. I generally find by using the smart phone app or web site called Gas Buddy. I have found most station clerks don't know that's why I'll try and find manager. In CA their will be a sticker on pump saying Diesel #2 or Bio-Diesel and a percentage. Pat C
  15. Several years ago I was advised by a Cummins Distributor at Monaco Intl Rally that pre-2003 engines should not be run on Bio. Our rig is 2000 so am always looking for Diesel #2 signs at stops. That said I live in CA and all Diesel in CA has minimum of 4.7% Bio by state mandate. So I run the Cummins recommended additive from Power Service called Diesel Kleen. Bottle to treat 250 gallons about $17.00 and change at WalMart. Was told by Flying J manager that the 20% Bio sticker is on pump as a warning that pump can contain up to20%. He indicated he has no idea what the actual level of Bio is
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