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  1. I have heard a little of source Engineering, i will check them out, thank you So i have always been leary about additives, an espesially when a engine has a oil cooler, cause if they plug up it can be fairly expensive. Did you experiance any issue with something like that?
  2. Well here comes my next project... It seems my cooling system has become incontinent, since I drained and refilled the system with fresh coolant. I will admit when I first saw it was having a issue I tried a radical idea, it only held till my last lengthy trip. Then its issue is when the weather drops to near freezing overnight is when it really shows its hand by leaving puddles of coolant, in 2K miles it used a 1/2 gallon. So it seems my next lesson in motor home ownership is learning how to replace the radiator...UGH! So my question is two fold, One is where can a new radiator be found
  3. So heres my 2cents worth, when i was in the working world my job was a Mechanic for ford, i focused on electric issues. I discovered like it was said earlier that the voltage regulator “OEM parts” have two events that trigger the light to come on... One is when battery voltage falls below operating voltage an the other is when the operating voltage goes over the set voltage. Even with leese neviel alternators on ambulances an fire trucks if it still had the OEM regulator the “warning” lights worked the same because both situations can be a problem if left unattended. Where all that falls appar
  4. So i have a roadmaster i have, guess i ought to list it for sale, but im curious, with my truck i tow when there is no vacume for the brake system its is VERY difficult to press the brake pedal! I have never connected this unit i have so how do these units overcome the extream pressure to overcome the lack of assist? I used to work in a car dealership an when a used car comes in on a trade “IF” the dealership choses to try to resell it then all non OEM parts MUST be removed, cause otherwise there liable for all that stuff. So my used car guy knew i was towing my car an gave the compleate unit
  5. Ya know it took me awhile an a few $ to relize Amazon has a GREAT return policy, plus on some things they dont even require the item to be sent back. You know as a person who is trying to just keep up on the maintance on our rigs there are times you have to try something different or use a part thats “not quite the same” as you took off. To me thats when you become a Mechanic, in that your able to cobble something an make it work, an FOR ME, thats when i get a sence of pride, knowing “nope not to day” am i going to admit defeate... I WILL MAKE IT WORK!!! An there are times i will try several t
  6. Hey for what its worth, mine had a smell like diesel, an after my bypassing the lift pump and capping off both the inlet an output i too had a small seep, causing concern. I washed the out side with parts wash liberaly, let it dry an then drove it several miles, then rechecked it and it was dry. My pump issue was not a leaking gasket as much as mine had been leaking out from the connection where it plugged in at, i suspected the motor cavity had actually been filled with enough diesel fuel that it took it a while to M/T out, i have just compleated a 2300 mile trip an its drier than a popcorn f
  7. I will try to answer everybody, so today was my appointment with Frieghtliner, when I left the park area I had been staying at there was no noise, however when last I drove it it had been running for over 6 hours, so then when I got to there shop it had only been rolling less than 40 minutes, everything was still cold, needless to say when they drove it... yeah no noise. So they removed the tire and drum to check for debris in the drum, it was all ok, so they rotated the front tires. I asked if they could balance the tires and they said they don't do that, they did not inspect the bearings lik
  8. So traveling thru the western states for the past month got me to Sparks, Nv. There I have developed a noise in the right front wheel area, not sure it is a tire or a wheel bearing, it sounds like I am dragging a road cone! I got here on a Sat night, stayed and watched the game Sunday with a decision to tackle the issue on Monday morning... Thats where the problem is, There is NO ONE that I found that can handle a emergency drop in! The best I can find is a shop that says they can get it in the next day, however I can't stay with the vehicle and they will not plug it in and suggest I winterize
  9. So I have spent WAY more time on this project than I had wanted, I ended up calling Dayco this AM and ended up talking with Jerry, he was able to cross my old pn to the current model used. SJAMIEJONES was correct it originally was a 3936213 dayco, however with all the updates it is now a Dayco 89481 which is now the most correct for my application, I spoke to him on how I saw difference in the girth of its base as well as its not having the wear bushing on the base that attaches to the retainer of the engine. He spoke of the specifications that modified the reason for the upgrade in keeping de
  10. Also for what its worth the reason that happen in the first place is part of the plastic weld fails that seals the lens, so when i worked for ford, that when parts were deleated or extended back order i would remove the body of the light put a little Dawn in the opening with water, shake it to get it clean. Then rinse an use a air hose to get as much water as i could out, then use a 1/4 drill bit an drill a hole directly on the lowest part UNDER the body of the lamp. That way any water that came in from rain or ??? Would drain out the bottom, seems kinda like a waste of time, however now looki
  11. One thing i didnt see tested, when cranking do you have battery voltage to the positive side of the coil. I dont know for sure cause i dont know much about Onan but i have heard there is a control board that uses input to control output... like no oil pressure no ignition. I know my DP has a Onan an intermintinly it will shut down the fuel pump, so some folks are connecting a bypass switch just to run the pump.
  12. So far I have tried a few different part #s the only one that has been "close" was what I received from the Dayco website, they did not have a listing for 2003 but they did have one for a 2004 HR endeavor which was a 89481 Dayco. However with that one the "timing" of the locating tab was off enough to think the difference would be too much to achieve proper tightness of the belt. So for now I have reinstalled the original one so I can move the coach and as soon as the holiday is over I plan on reaching out to the Mfg. to see if they can cross the old #s. I will say this adventure has made me u
  13. Hey jacwjames read your piece, i appreciate your info, in fact on one of your replies to someone on irv2 i saw where you offered the listing, which i made into files that i can use. As i looked thru the listing there are severel parts that look like i can use on my 03 HR, thank you for that information. I myself have discovered just how difficult it is to find a something so simple as a belt tensioner, i even had the old one with me an the parts people i worked with would, if i gave them a part # be glad to look it up, but otherwise they have NO intrest in trying to research any parts. I admit
  14. Thank you Jamie, I just finished the belts, so hopefully I can get the tensioner tommorrow.
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