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  1. For someone who has a couple mountains (the Sierras in ca/nv) AND my EGT, fuel pressure gauge (FASS fuel system) and pulling 5K lbs, that as soon as i get turned toward a steeper portion the EGT does climb however watching my rig do its thing that when the speed starts to drop the trans has already shifted from direct then will shift down another gear to keep the RPM right around 2K RPM. Now to be fair i bought my MH used and someone had installed the Banks stinger kit on it, with that i understood it monitors inputs, Egt, Ect, Throttle position, and gear to give max power while protecting the engine... so far when im in the seat i trust but verify its doing its job, an always ready to knock it down a gear if temps start to climb.
  2. Ya know... i was just sitting hear lettin my dinner settle, what if i used a smoke machine connected to those tubes, then i could locate the other ends alot easier. It sure beats pullin things appart lookin for stuff. Last year i painted my roof on the coach an i got to say im done crawlin around up there if i dont have to.
  3. So i call them evacuator valve, some call them ejector valves, either way its a rubber cap with a slit, an the wieght of the water would allow it to drain whithout allowing anything to make a nest in the tube cause a restriction. its a great idea however like everything else they have there own design flaws.
  4. So i have a 2003 HR Endeavor an on humid days i get water running off the roof. I know the water is normal, however under my coach there are tubes with evacuator valves on them an there is never anything coming out from them. Were these coaches equiped with drain tubes for the ac unit? Or are those tubes for something else?
  5. Perhaps, looking at your picture if you had your red lead in the amp hole rather than the voltage hole that could be a issue
  6. WOW... the list can be endlist... but i will say you know what your rig could use by now. Im thinking a fan belt, fuses, plenty of ice, orange juice an vodka. And dont forget your binoculars along with your membership card for good sam or fmca or ??? Remember if you don’t have any tools or parts needed to affect your break down then make the best of the area where you’re at an make the best out of your Temporary situatio make it Great...
  7. So the owners manual says it requires a GL-5 lubricant it does not say yes or no to synthetic, i had used to work for Ford and that synthetic gear lube 75w140 is some of the best out there. However it runs $33.00 per qt. We even use it in our nitro funny car! However i know the Delo trade mark an the history it holds with the trucking industry, so i did a little homework an trucking shops speak very highly of it. So i can add that evertime i have converted from hypoid to synthetic the same values hold true,Less gear noise, quieter gear train, less vibration. So i just drove 300 miles thru the Sierras pullin a toad an all there was no doubt i made the right choise😎 Oh by the way i crawled under the rig an examined the U joints, there fine. I also use red line grease on all the suspension
  8. Ya know Dave i really didnt, there are two plugs on the back of the pumpkin, one is so low im sure it there incase you want to run a temp sensor, the other is much bigger an i knew due to its size that would be the fill an level hole, so i just filled it to that one.
  9. Well i did things like i always have working in the mechanic field, which now im second guessing. I performed my service parked in front of my house, which has like most, a road crown. I had looked in my owners manual and it showed to fill untill its just below the fill plug, so i drained the differential then proceeded to refill. The total amount was 14qts, i had purchased 15 so i had plenty, and somewhere i dont remember just where that was the refill amount, so then i took my old oil to the shop where i used to work an measured the contents. There were only 10 qts that were removed, so given thats a huge difference im going to level my coach today then pull the fill plug to reverify the level. Once i discover if there is or is not a issue i will report back with my findings. so everyone knows what prompted my decision to perform this oil change i was getting a “clunk” noise everytime i shifted into Drive, so i had wanted to see what the oil was looking like to see if there was metal possably in the oil or stuck to the magnit in the drain plug , which there was neither.
  10. Miles ... only 77k However its 19 years old& the manual says 3years max on the oil
  11. So I have been wanting to change the oil in my differential for a while, however the cost of oil especially synthetic has gone thru the roof. so I have been trolling everywhere for a good price. Today I just bought Delo rear differential synthetic 75w-90 for 7.99 a Qt at Auto Zone. When I got there there were none on the shelf, I asked if they had any in back, they had 2 cases on the sticker it says its a 500,000 interval oil AND is GL-5 rated!!!
  12. Hey JD so i was working for ford when International stuck us with that 6.4 POS!!! They discovered when the cooling system had either run low on coolant or sucked air an cavitated the cooling system so bad that it wore a hole thru the front seperator plate an dumped all the coolant into the lubrication system, that once that block had overheated there was NO way to get the stuff out. Even after the manditory 6 hr flush an replace the EGR cooler they still came back with another plugged EGR cooler. It got so bad that when they returned for the 2nd egr cooler, we just simply replaced the short block and EVERYTHING in the entire cooling system, including the heater core and any other non ford item that was attached to the cooling system. That engine was the FU from International, i can honestly say i had replaced sooooo many 6.4 engines i have lost count i will bet easy me alone replaced 75 in the years they were still under warranty, an we had two other diesel techs doin the same thing, then multiply that by all the other ford shops All doing the same thing. That doesnt even BEGIN to count how many high pressure fuel pumps we replaced because the crankcase would overfill due to the seal on the pump would fail, or camshaft failures, or rocker arm failures..I had a cab remove an reinstall down to 45 minutes!!! it was really a shame cause the frame an the body were awsome an would really hold up well, however after the warranty was done people would just get rid of the whole thing running or not
  13. NO MISS B FO ME... Even though i have the Garmin 7xx series for use in my mh. When im using my phone in my pick up i use my phone, i finally changed the voice to a guy cause i got tired of a “miss B” tellin me where to go🙀😂
  14. Hey Jac its funney you should mention this issue, something like this happened to me just the other day. I started my rig an went to raise my levelers an NOTHING, no light an no nothing, all i did was wiggle my ignition switch an the indicator light came on an then it all was working. I dont know if it was a coincidence, however it hasnt happend since. Now i just replaced my ignition switch maybe 8 or 9 months ago for a starting issue which immediately solved that issue, an on my trip to Az i had one time when my turn signils didnt work, again i wiggled the key an “boom!” They started to work... after saying all this perhaps i need to carry a spare.
  15. So smoke can be caused by several things, since you have pages of unused checks have the injectors checked. A healthy injector makes a spray which consist of tiny fuel droplets that ignite from the combustion pressures, a dirty injector sends out a stream of fuel which has a longer burn time. Good news is there are only 3 of them, rather than just replacing them I would want them to test there pop off pressure so you know which one was out of spec.
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