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  1. Yeah right now im parked out behind a shop, im trading labor. Im rewiring a friends 48 Ford, an hes removing my leaking radiator, i took the radiator to a radiator repair shop an they said they cant fix it due to being aluminum an it failed because of Electrolysis an that it will fail again. So today im ordering one from Source. Anyway that said im sitting in a wide open space with sun directly on the passenger side, im running the house air. I like the saran wrap over the valve to do some diagnostics. Yesterday morning i had the door shut with the vent fans on an it was stinking, i open
  2. So another question is what type of drain valve is in the shower, does it require maintance? An thank you for the info of the washer drain pipe having a vent valve i will check for that. As for the valves i bought the cheaper ones ONLY cause i thought that if they lasted since 03, then like models would be just as good... im going to change that! Im glad this is happening now so HOPEFULLY i can get it fixed in time to head out to the desert, thanks Richard iwill keep everyone up on the progress
  3. OK SO THE WIFE AN I NO LONGER JOKE ABOUT “who cut one”😳💩 last season i found out what i belived to be the air diverter valve under the sink, it was over 100 outside, an 75 inside, the first day was awsome... after that, not so much, in fact it was DISGUSTING!!! After dumping the gray tank it still had hang time but it took getting to cooler ambient temps for it to quit. So i replaced both valves an thought it was done, in fact i took a trip in Feb to Quartsite an no problem, however I never had to use the air conditioning. Now I’m in a place where is the temperature outside is 90° so I go
  4. Good morning everyone, having some knowelge of ac i will add my 2cents. When faced with a ac issue1st thing is to verify it is an how often it happens, the very next thing is to connect gauges an monitor pressures then set the vehicle conditions that were similar to when it failed. As for failure after 30 minutes my texting diagnosis will say, 1st moisture within the system, if there has been some type of recient “repair” like the system had been opened for what ever reason and either no one used a vacume pump, or had not had one on long enough. Explanation: the reciever drier is there to c
  5. Bad thing about a plugged evaporator drain is the mildew smell🤢 hope you get it fixed soon.
  6. So in my pre-retired life I worked in a Ford dealership, I would get F-550s, 650s, and 750s in which had cummins engines all of them had "for the most part" the same issue low on charge, some had no charge. Over the years I saw a theme low on charge with no signs of leaks ANYWHERE, meant though there was no signs of oil leaks, AND unable to find ANY freon leaks was determined to be from the compressor shaft seal, that while rotating from operation the seal would not be able to deal with the fluctuations of the pressures and therefor would become incontenent. Which if anyone has ever tried to l
  7. I have to say in regards to what Dr4film states about using the "Tri flow" though I have not known until now about lubing the pac brake I have used the Tri flow on soooo many wear parts for years and it does a AWSOME job on everything I use it on. Even as a professional mechanic the shop I worked for would NOT supply it so I would purchase cans of it out of my own pocket to use when I had a special job that I wanted done right with NO comebacks! My only beef with it is it is such a slippery lubricant that the spray tip once used will seep until can becomes empty.
  8. If you are subscribed to the FMCA magazine I know there is ALWAYS a ad listed in there for them, however I have already recycled my last copy.
  9. Hey just a note, units that run low on freon have a tendency to overheat the pumps, what can happen is inside the pumps are the copper windings that are coated to prevent electrical issues, I have found during the overheat it get hot enough to break off the shellac, it then travels with the freon flow and clogs the restricter tube, that was with the Colman units that were AC only. Im not as versed with the Duo therms an there reverse flow for heating, Im just stating it can be a 50/50 chance if your unit survives a low charge state. Though both my older units are still working (knock on w
  10. Hey morning everyone, I read your stories and I just wanted to give my 2cents worth. I had installed the FASS system, for reasons that are similar to many others, however being a retired Mechanic I know priming the filters is huge, so rather than turn on the key and run to the filter bay to open and bleed them I chose to open there harness that was supplied with the FASS pump and include a Priming switch then I made a bracket and installed it next to the filters. 1,2,3, it has made normal maintenance sooooo much easier.
  11. I too have the RR8R chassis, what i found when running the 1/2 in line is in thr center of the rv just off to the side are some conduit pipes, one has wiring going thru it, the other side had very little in it. So i used my fish tape to go thru it, connected the hose an pulled it thru, once in position an all connected i then used some of the black split loom conduit over the hose where it was touching any other componits.
  12. I used Henrys tropicool from home depot, i had to do quite a bit of prep work but it came out awsome, there were some you tubes on roof painting rvs that helped. The pic was before i put all the covers back on. It has great coverage, and laid down well, very good refelective ability. I used almost a 5 gallon bucket of paint an my coach is 36ft cost was under $500
  13. Morning Ivan, its a major bummer when the genny fails😡 my Diesel genny started the quiting while driving down the road, after getting some expert advise about the fuel pump is not working, the tech said i need to check to see if i was getting power TO the fuel pump. So using a test light on the wire to the fuel pump i discovered initially i had no power. I used a jumper wire to give the pump direct 12 volt power an the pump started working an the genny started an ran NP. Once i shut it down then retested for power going to the fuel pump now the circuit was working, reconnected the pump n
  14. Morning everyone, this is a topic I have thought about several times. I often wonder with all the other "idiot" warning lights on the dash why didn't the manufacture think to put at the minimum a light to warn of the water pump on while driving and its not like we can't squeeze room for one more toggle switch to be able to "controll" the actions of the water pump. The amount of things to remember when driving is enough to rattle your mush, let alone getting back on the Hiway and trying to remember... did I turn the water off... is it my age creeping up on me, perhaps, however if a poll was tak
  15. So here is my before an after pics, i removed the primary filter an replaced it with the FASS system, the vehicle has a secondary filter which i left in place. So coupled with the FASS system i have a total of 3 fuel filters.
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