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5,000 miles almost without a hiccup

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The DW and I just completed a 5,000 mile trip from Michigan to California and back almost without mishap. The coach ran very well and is still a pleasure to drive. The only issues were our step failed to retract after a Blue Beacon wash in Kingman AZ. I had them spray the undercarriage which must have loosened the step ground wire. I retightened it and all is well. We did have a check engine and transmission light along with engine derate just as we were about to enter an RV park in Camp Verde AZ in the rain. I believe it was caused by the trans fluid sensor, which i disconnected, cleaned, and applied dielectric grease. No further mishap occurred even as we drove in rainy conditions. 

Monaco certainly made a good coach and we’re grateful to own one. 

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We did a 5000 mile trip last spring around the country and only had an engine light come on once for about a minute. I posted on the site about it and it hasn’t happened since. Seems like every trip I go out on I have some little problem but that’s ok with me. I don’t want any BIG problems 😄 I agree very well built Motorhomes 

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