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Bedroom slide

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I've been working on the coach for a few weeks now and I had a question about slide parts. The bedroom slide switch  has been bypassed and it's now located on the bed slide itself. I have to unlock the motor everytime I slide this thing out. Looking at the schematics and then looking under the front part of the bed....there's a circuit board that's been bypassed. Can you still get these parts? I guess I'm old fashioned and I like things to work the way they were designed to work. Just wondering if anyone has had to replace that board before.

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If the circuit board is bypassed can you remove, take some pictures, and post them. 

You'll have better luck finding electrical components then mechanical parts.  I have a Dewald slide mechanism on my bedroom slide and was concerned about the gear box so I contacted Lippert, this was their reply.

I have investigated this and what I found is that the Dewald system was acquired by Power gear in 2007. Power gear continued the Dewald electric slide until 2011. We then acquired Power Gear in 2015. Unfortunately, at that point we no longer continued the product as it was already discontinued by Power Gear. We do still offer assistance when it comes to trouble shooting on the Dewald systems. However, for the most part when it comes to parts you will be looking to at an outside party i.e., Amazon, eBay, salvage yards. 

Luckily I did not find anything wrong with anything, put it all back together and it working.  The gear box is pretty heavy, all bronze gears and I saw no evidence of wear. 


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