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Problem with Firestone Leveling System


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I drive a 05 Monaco Windsor 40' PDQ with the Firestone IntelliRide Leveling System.  This system was used starting in 05 models and a few went into 06 models, before Monaco quit using them.

Problem: Coach has been parked for about 3 months (plugged in to 30a service). The right rear corner of the coach is currently settled firmly on top of the right rear tires.  It's done this before over the last 2 years, but when I started the coach before, the right rear has always brought itself up to ride height.  Today it did not! Needless to say I can't drive it in it's present condition. I knew that I had a slow air leak somewhere in the back and the coach has been into 4 shops recently to search for and repair any air leaks.  One small leak was found and supposedly repaired, but maybe not. 

From what I've been told Firestone stopped selling this system several years ago and there are no left over parts available.   I was told by the last shop that worked on it, that it's probably the controller that is mounted in the panel next to the driver but they have no idea where to get a controller or parts for one or even how to test one.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestion re my situation.  Thanks in advance.

Art Morgan

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Art is correct about the limited use of this system. Monaco had hoped to utilize the system more, but the elimination of the Windsor line and then collapse of Monaco ended the development.

However, there are several discussions on iRV2 on the system and I think the controller might still be available.  I would start by contacting this this Firestone division: https://www.driveriteair.com/catalog/product/Monaco-318/


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