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Upon reviewing my build sheet for my 2009 Dynasty I find an optional equipment listing for " BLUE-TOOTH LINK IN COCKPIT ", and " DIGITAL CELL ANT & WIRING ".

My questions are

What, Where, and how are these accessed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank You

Gary Magin 2009 Dynasty Yorkshire

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Unless it has changed since 2001, the cell phone antenna wiring is under the dash on the driver side. In my case there is a panel (about 6x12”) on top of the dash. Take that off an you can see a rolled up coax cable that is tied to the antenna above the driver’s side window—assuming no change since 2001. In the case of the Bluetooth link, it may be active. While in the coach with it running, Check Bluetooth links on your phone and see if you see one you can’t identify.  Your manual should address this.

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