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Toilet Leak?


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Noticed water dripping from the wiring loom coming down from our Tecma toilet in the half bath today.  This was the first time the toilet has been flushed and filled in a while.  The water appears clean, thinking supply line going to toilet.  Disconnected from city water, had turned on pump to use toilet. Turned off pump and the drips slowed to a stop. 

Before I tear into this one, just wanted to see if anyone has been in there before?  Know any likely culprits?  

I see a water line feeding a solenoid valve running up to a Y fitting on the manual diagram, looks like several connections that could be a likely candidate for a leak.

Any advice before I start taking the toilet out to inspect?  

Thanks in Advance! 

2009 Monaco Dynasty Yorkshire IV

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Hi Bob, I had a similar leak just a few months back.  My leak was from the foot valve.  It had a small crack and would leak just enough to keep the floor wet.  They are easy to replace and relatively cheap.  


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I cannot comment on your specific throne and installation. We had a similar leak and decided to replace the inlet valve. After watching Youtube videos I ordered the parts for our Thetford throne so that I could replace the valve and seals. 
It definitely is not the most pleasant task but quite doable. You can do only the valve if you have sufficient space and like working in very tight spaces. Complete removal was a lot easier for me. The culprit was the inlet valve that had a lot of micro cracks, probably due to freezing even when it was winterized. The removal and reinstall is pretty straight forward. The only issue was that I must have installed the one seal ring incorrectly and needed to redo it. My advice is to check the operation before reinstall of the throne, assuming you will be removing the throne.

The outcome? The throne works even better as the original had some operational issues from when we bought the coach.


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