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Monarch headliner gap?

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1B171535-5763-4D92-A035-BB392035DA6A.thumb.jpeg.c38ea7344ab421259eead667c5716e75.jpegC2122987-F87C-487B-86F1-74B2D5B7588D.thumb.jpeg.d381475c7996f6ff291ffe7c4eb57f46.jpegNot sure if this is built this way or I have a little problem. At the top of my windshield above the rubber seal I have a gap that evenly  goes across the the front above the seal, about an inch wide. You can see the fiberglass front shell there. Sometimes in the cold mornings where I might have some condensation on the glass I will have a drip or two from the center of the seal/glass pane joint. Is there supposed to be a gap here? Should I seal it? Thanks in advance 


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