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Drivers Generator start button


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You probably have another generator start button in the bedroom, check it.

First thing I'd check is the wiring harness on the passenger side of the generator.  sometimes this will get condensation in it.  Pull it apart, blow it out and put some dielectric grease on it. 

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Does the generator start from the inverter panel??

If it is stopping using the inside button it may be just the wire that does the start function.  Not too long ago an individual had a problem where his EMS was not recognizing the generator was running.  He ultimately found one wire in the harness had come loose from the pin. 

Do you have a wiring diagram for your coach??  Attached is a screen shot of the wiring for my generator start, yours should be close.  I believe that to stop the generator it actually just closes a connection to ground, the Brown wire on the diagram.  The Red wire is for starting.  I'd check to see if you are getting power on that at the harness when you press a start button inside. 

Note>>> when you open the file it will be blurry, hit the CTRL5 buttons at the same time and it will clear right up.


Generator start switch wiring.pdf

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