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MIA CB coaxial cable

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2008 Camelot 42pdq. I know it's in the coach somewhere, but the coaxial cable for the original CB antennae on the roof is MIA inside. I've pulled the side panel, top dash panel, removed the front drawers, crawled around under the dash and no joy. According to a tech that buiult the Monaco coaches at the factory, the cable should be inside the lower panel under the air brake pull. I give.
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My 2009 Diplomat was hard to find. It was almost dead center ( a little more towards the e drivers side ) and against the farthest forward part under the dash. It was all curled up and hd about five wire ties holding it in place. Maybe 14” right of the gas pedal and against the front wall.  Good luck. Only took about two hours to find. Glad my daughter is skinny. 

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Mine ran right behind the radio (where my CB box was mounted). Then, it runs along the dash and up the right side A pillar to the space behind the cabinets and back across to the left side where it would go through the roof, but it is disconnected and laying there with the hole patched.


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