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Inverter swap question

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I am not familiar with the MSW Trace. Last year I had planned to replace my old Xantrex FREEDOM 2500 (MSW) with a new Xantrex FREEDOM 3000 (PSW). Unfortunately Xantrex were out of stock about nation wide and so I ended up with an AIMS. Anyway, when initially preparing to replace the Xantrex with a Xantrex I learned that a new remote is needed but they make a device that will allow you to use the same RJ11 (phone cord) to connect the new remote to the inverter. The "converter" cables basically change the RJ11 to RJ45 (data patch cord) connector required by the new remote and  new inverter. Hope this helps.

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I should also note that for the Aims I had to run new CAT5/6 line from the inverter Bay to the place inside where the remote is located. Take wiring needs into account when you order your new I/C so you have everything you need handy when planning the install. In my case the inverter must be working for most of the 120v outlets to work on pass thru. If you are full time and have such a configuration it can create added problems if you do not have everything you need when you start the install.

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