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2005 Monaco LaPalma Interior Renewal

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Hi everyone, we just bought our LaPalma last month and love it, but the interior was ready for an upgrade. It was looking a bit worn and dated, so we took it to the place where we had our 1976 Monaco Winchester interior redone.

Ray is a great guy and, funny enough, used to do the interiors for Caribou Manufacturing in the 70’s. We told him to gut it and start fresh, high-end carpet in the bedroom, dinette/sofa area and doghouse, and LVP everywhere else.

A couple of repairs had to be made to the floor, one soft spot in front of the fridge and one in front of the toilet. With the wood cut out and replaced, they skimmed the floor, and that’s where we’re at so far.

The floor will get skimmed again and then the LVP will be glued down. Right as it’s done is when we’ll be getting back from visiting my mother in South Carolina, in time to take it to McCall, Idaho, then back in to the shop for upholstery replacement. The dinette, rocker and valances all get fresh designs.

Here are some pics.











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Carpet is installed, much better than the original.


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We’re in the homestretch. Cleanup has started. I really like the way the flooring turned out. What I like best is the molding around the entry steps is now aluminum, in a gunmetal color. I didn’t get to take a picture of the front, because one of the workers was working up there.








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