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Jack stands versus Hydraulic press

Guest Ray Davis

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Its funney just lately i have bored out of my skull (too cold to be outside) so i have watched destruction of things like sledgehammers, anvils, and alike, it just proves that NOTHING is impervious to extreame force!

Concerning the jack stands smash, i can say that thru the years i cant count how many people have died from trusting cheap stands, i mean i get why people buy them, there are several reasons… For me What i hear is “there all the same” or “the name brands are too expensive”.

Having made it to my Retirment in one piece my mantra has to never skimp on Safety! Safe does cost more, however when working under things that can squish you in a moment, i found that if i had to lie to MYSELF about “its safe” then i always felt distracted about what i had to do under there in the 1st place.

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