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Power Gear Levelers problem, electrical signal from neutral safety switch

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My Power gear leveling jacks won't go down.  After replacing the control board and the touch pad per Power gear techs recommendation the jacks still don't work.   Now they say its the signal coming from the Neutral safety switch which tells the control board the RV is in park.   Its pin #2 on the 6 pin connector that goes to the control board.  I'm having a hard time tracing where this signal is coming from.   If the neutral safety switch wasn't working the coach wouldn't start cause it wouldn't know it was in park.  Has anyone had this problem before or know if the signal leaving the neutral safety switch goes through a relay or something before it goes to the power gear control board.   I've seen on other threads that there might be something up near the gear shifter on the steering column.   any help would be greatly appreciated    thanks


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Hello Jack, my Coach would start when neutral and the parking set, but the jacks would not operate. The leveling panel would say to engage the parking brake, it was engaged, but the pressure switch had failed (this common on Monaco’s). I have attached the fix. There are wires that go from this switch to the leveling panel.  I have successfully installed this upgrade and the jacks worked once again. Wish you the best. 



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