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Replaced Magnum inverter with a Victron MultiPlus 2


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I just recently replaced my original MSW magnum with the Victron MP2.   I plan on replacing the lead acid to LiFePO4 in a few months., and solar later this year.

Here's my question: 

Apparently each generator auto start wiring is different and I'm looking for anyone that has done the AGS upgrade from the Magnum to the MP2 with an onan .


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I just put in the MP2 and 400ah of lithium (two 200ah Lossigy batteries. Sorry I didn't even like the GAS with my Trace so I don't know which wires to use from the phone line into the relay connection in the MP2.


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I just barely got this installed.  I did get the CerboGX as well as the touch screen for inside the coach.  So far, pretty impressive.  It has features that I doubt I'll ever use, and  I seldom used the AGS with the Magnum, but I'd like to get it up and running on  the Victron..

The AGS connects into the CerboGX (not the MP2), but apparently needs more than just 'plug and play'.

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