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Front mount Bike rack

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I had a front hitch installed on my Class C, I scrounged some scrap metal at work and helped the machine shop foreman fabricate and install.  This was on a Ford chassis.  From memory I used a 4X6" piece of tubing to span the chassis rail and then welded the hitch receiver to that.  This seems like overkill but with the forces of the weight bouncing down the road I wanted it to be strong.

Also, this was not for bikes, it was to carry ~4-6 dog Xpens, that were heavy.  Worked great. 

We did carry bikes on it though when not carrying XPens!

So if you find one make sure it is built for the job, don't take any shortcuts.

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I thought about doing it for a second to ours, but I don’t want to limit any kind of airflow going to the radiator, or the control modules for that matter. It might not seem like it would be a big obstruction, but  I want that air getting in there as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We have a Thule bike rack and install it on our toad. If we’re not towing, I just install it on the coach’s hitch.

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