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Hydraulic jacks

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I have a 2006 Beaver Patriots thunder with three point Power Gear hydraulic jacks. My reservoir tank is leaking. I called Lippert And they said they don’t make that tank anymore . But they do make a replacement it’s a square tank not round like mine. And they weren’t 100% sure it would work. I haven’t been to the RV yet to see if the square tank will fit. I was just wondering if anybody else has had this type of problem. Thanks Kevin 


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Yes it’s very simple.   Remove the drain plug and drain the oil.   Disconnect the electrical connection.  Then remove 4 bolts around the neck.   

On my Cayman I can open the door for the transmission cooler and swing that little radiator out of the way to get to it easily.  

Im not sure if it is as easy on other models.  

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I think that by now, almost everyone has realized what "RV Quality" means, when describing a product.  It often means, "the most poorly conceived, poorly engineered, lowest quality".  This forum and its innovative "out of the box" thinkers keep our old beasts rolling.  I just tripped over 200K on my 2000 Dynasty, and I would not hesitate to take it to CA (stopping just short of the state line, so I don't get "infected" with weird ideas).  Of course, I've repaired/replaced virtually every system PROACTIVELY with updated, quality components when possible.  My WH is next...22 years old and doing great, but a ticking time bomb.

Thanks for all the help I've gotten from so many of you!

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