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Things Must Be A Bit More "Rigid" In Canada

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.Just got the info (below) from a good friend who lives near Toronto. He is NOT prone to exaggeration. I have no way  to check this info but have confidence in what he tells me. He is also buying a new RV

Ron Jones

"All National and Provincial parks and any provincially sanctioned agencies (conservation areas, marinas, etc.) are closed by edict and all private campgrounds, marinas etc. are closed. So even full timers have no where to go. It's a little disconcerting since many RVers live in their RV (as you do) and when they are told to stay home, the question arises: Where? I don't know what the answer is. 

All car, truck and RV dealers are allowed only online sales, no showroom or lot traffic and if the service is open, only one customer in the area at a time. No waiting inside. All personnel are required to socially distance, parts are picked up by customers who have called ahead and then receive them at the 'back door'. Many car dealers initially shut their sales down, then they learned that some dealers were doing OK with online sales. My son's work is the leader in the district and one of the best in the country since they have been selling vehicles online for about a year. They've sold Tesla's to Montreal and Vancouver so you get the gist of it.

The upshot of this whole situation is that those that have adjusted their sales model are surviving, those that have not are closed. The RV dealer we're dealing with is shut up tight. You can arrange to pick up your new RV, but they don't have any local licensing office open, so after you get the license, you bring them and install them. The dealer leaves the keys in the RV and you drive it off, no walkthrough or anything. Maybe a DVD on your model if you are lucky. Trade-ins become tricky. If you take delivery, then warranty starts the day you pick it up, notwithstanding that you can't do anything with it except load it up, and take to storage."

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All of this info is not quite true.  We are full timers, and we are back in a campground.  Those campgrounds that were open before the "emergency" came into effect, and in fact had full timers as customers, were allowed to remain open.  We are in Wildwood campground just outside Windsor Ontario.  

Things are now beginning to open up, May 4 here in Ontario begins the start up of many businesses.  I think campgrounds will soon follow.  

Hope this helps to clarify things.

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The post is full of errors. Every province has different rules. Some car deales are oprn but reduced hours and sales staff.  Auto dales in Canada are diwn 75%. As for problems with full timers: There are not many fill ticmers in Canada. Many of them have a semi permanent spot in an RV park .

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