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Anyone had any experience with Flight Systems after market control boards for Cummins/Onan QD 12.5 . I could repair ours, 90% sure which chip is bad, but of coarse it is pottted. I noticed the after market one is not potted. That being the case it would not only run cooler, but also be repaired. Top that of with the Cummins is more expensive and on back order. Just curious if there are happy customers or not.


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Please to report after talking to the lead engineer at Flight systems on Tuesday I purchased their control board for a Cummins QD 12.5. They shipped it next day air early delivery at no extra charge. Already have it up and running again.

Not only is is better built, less expensive, better warranty then OEM it also came with schematic and component list.

Wish more related RV companies would follow their example.

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Flight systems did not have a control board for my 10kw onan last year but the lead engineer told me they were in the works on designing one. So i ordered a new board from onan . He called me back a few days later and told me they had one prototype and they would sell it to me for 1/2 the cost of what they will be selling a new one for (300). I tried to return the one from onan but they have a no return policy on electrical parts. Flight Systems really came through for me. So I have been using the prototype for the last year and no problems as of yet. I just put the one from onan in my spare parts box. 

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