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9 minutes ago, 59Chriscraft said:

Trying to find a part number or info on the solenoid for the slide on a 99 Windsor 

Need more info for folks to help.

which slide and how is it powered?  What isn’t working?

Typically, there MAY be a “Slide Lockout” relay that prevents the slides to move is the ignition switch is on.  That kills the 12 VDC to the controls.

Then, typically on the rears, which are electric, there will be a 4 or 5 “relay” control board.  These are the standard 5 pin Bosch 87/87A 30A relays.  

If it is the front which are typically hydraulic, there may be a “controller” module that interfaces with the Hydraulic motor.  Monaco used a variety of vendors and sometimes had control boards with Bosch style relays

If you are describing the large, typically 80 - 100 Amp Solenoid that cycles the motor, there are two, at least, types.  One of a “starter” style and is just a Single Pole On/Off.  Others are DPDT with center OFF soldnoids that reverse the polarity to the pump motor.  These solenoids are usually proprietary and are available from the manufacturer.

Narrow it down.  If you have the original build sheet, it will list the manufacturer and model number and serial number of what is used on each slide.


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1 hour ago, 59Chriscraft said:


I pretty sure it is the DPTD, in order for me to move the slide in or out I have to cross over the solenoid to operate it. That’s after I turn the key on, there are no other lock outs on the coach to my knowledge. 


Still a bit confused. I pulled your manual, but could only find a 2001 on the Monaco site. I also pulled our 2000 WIndsor prints. There is a reference in the manual that says.

Slides can ONLY be operated with the KEY OFF and the Parking Brake SET....  That means there is a LOCKOUT relay, or solenoid if you like.  From the prints, there is a Slide Control Panel or maybe "box" or board. On it are TWO fuses.  The 5 Amp fuse is the one for the LOCKOUT relay power. The other is the 25 A power to the slide motors.   There are THREE other relays on the control board.  Front and Rear and Front/Rear Priority.

The theory is this.  You MUST be SITTING and the ENGINE OFF to activate the slides. From the Manual, it appears that you MAY have ALL motorized slides and NOT hydraulic slides.  What you called the DPTD (should have been DPDT or Double Pole Double Throw) is actually the Hydraulic Motor Controller or Solenoid. It is a Solenoid in that it must have contacts rated at 80 or so amps.  It is a larger unit.

The Bosch Relays are Double Throw, Single Pole. There is a COMMON contact that can be switched or moved to EITHER of the other two...so it is DOUBLE THROW.  It does NOT have a CENTER OFF....it is either open or closed. That is THREE contacts....and the OTHER two are for the COIL. I can NOT determine what type of Relay from the prints that the Slide Lock Out is. Again....typically, it would have been a Bosch 87 Plug in 5 pin relay and NAPA and Autozone carry them or Amazon has them. 

You need to be MORE specific.  If you are having to CROSS over the Solenoid, POST A PICTURE....then another Windsor owner might be able to help you.

I have gone as far as my knowledge of the Windsors as well as the circuits that Monaco used will let me. OK...curiousity.  A CURSE....

You MAY have a KIB unit....the one in this picture looks EXACTLY LIKE the one on the Monaco Print for a DUAL SLIDE....


I have attached the main wiring diagram that shows it as well as blown up the controller.

IS THIS....What you have and are talking about? Need some MORE details.  Pictures.  If there is a Brand or Model or PN on the "Solenoid" that you are crossing, have you googled that?


2000 Windsor SLide Controlle Blow upr.pdf 2000 Windsor SLide Controller.pdf

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