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Mirror mounted camera disassembly.

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Has anyone taken appart the camera mounted under the mirror on a Monaco Dynasty Coach (06). The small four fasteners what looks like cap screws are notscrews or bolts. Are they pop-off covers with screws underneath?

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Mine have 1 screw that holds the camera on. That Allen screw is covered by a cap that just pops out. Some of my caps have a slot in them and these have threads and screw out. You can download the manuals for these at velvac website. They have several documents that show how to that these apart. My mirrors are 2030 model. I would think yours would be the same. 

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Couldn’t find a discussion on this, but my Diplomat has black power mirrors. They have rusted through the black paint in several places and look bad but are structurally sound.

I would like to replace them with chrome mirrors with built in cameras. I also plan on changing my backup camera inclu St ing a new monitor. 

Has anyone done this replacement on a coach that didn’t have the cameras as original equipment? Suggestions welcome. Also budget estimates welcomed. 

Thanks in advanced. 

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