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Vent/Fan Cover Damaged Maxxair 00-965007 Turbo Maxx 3-Speed Fan

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Maxxair 00-965007 Turbo Maxx 3-Speed Fan

 My Max air vent cover was damaged after the hurricane a few weeks ago.

 It was very brittle due to the age of my RV 2001.

 Spoke with the company that made the vent cover, it is no longer available.

 Already went through a bit of a rainstorm no leakage inside, as there is a cover over fan that can be opened from inside RV, but I would like to get it outside covered just in case.

 Any ideas on repair or replace, fan works fine, it's just the cover.

Not sure if you can separate the two.

 I duct taped (used a lot of tape) a trash bag firmly with cardboard inside for stability, it blew off within the first 10 miles of highway travel.

Any ideas on repair shops, parts or jury-rigged thoughts.

I'm at Gamble Rogers State Park Flagler Beach Florida, will be heading towards Tampa and Clearwater next week.


2001 Monaco Diplomat 40'





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I would remove the damaged cover and replace it with a Maxxair Maxx II Vent Cover or one that Mike has posted in his post above.


i have one of these over my Fantastic Fan on our Dynasty.

Mitchell, I am only a few blocks away from Gamble Rogers State Park in Flagler Beach. If you need any assistance with this just send me a PM.

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