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Advice: Hydralift vs. Swivelwheel


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Does anyone have experience with either the Hydralift or Swivelwheel golf cart carriers?  I’d be mounting one on a HR 40PLQ. The question I have about Hydralift is, since all of the weight of the lift and cart is born by the chassis, how this affects coach handling. I have requested the weight of the system installed from the company. My cart is right at their limit of 1100#. I’m guessing the total could approach 1500#. Does anyone know the maximum trailer tongue weight capacity of the coach. That should answer the question of whether the coach can handle the weight though it doesn’t say anything about handling.

In some ways I like the Swivelwheel more than the Hydralift since most of the weight of carrier and cart is carried by the swivel wheels.  Both systems add length to my total of coach and toad, a Ford Expedition.  I’ve asked Hydralift if the device clears the hood of the Expedition when in travel mode or if it would require a tow bar extension and what those added lengths are.  I know the Swivelwheel adds 7’.  This puts me at 68.5’ total. I wouldn’t care but I made the mistake of telling my wife about the 65’ rule and she’s a stickler for the rules. Another benefit of the Swivelwheel is I don’t have to disconnect the toad to roll the golf cart off. With the Hydralift the toad hitch would have to be removed before lowering the cart.

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