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99 Diplomat adding a auto Gen start


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We have a 99 Diplomat with 30k miles we use it frequently and take our 2 golden retrievers with us. We have been to a few campgrounds that have lost power while we were out to have it get warm inside the coach. I would like to add an auto gen start for the 7500 onan. In doing some research onan used to make a plug and play ec30 switch to start the gen, but have discontinued it. I have the stock inverter and remote panel in place still. Anyone know of a way to do this without replacing the factory inverter?

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Depends on your inverter... If you have a trace rv2012 inverter, it actually has an internal AGS. I'm not aware of any other inverters that already have AGS integrated.

Certainly no need to change the inverter. Magnum makes a stand-alone AGS. Maybe others as well. 

Are you sure the onan AGS is discontinued??? Onan EC-AGS+ Diesel Application Kit - A065U740 (cummins.com)

That might be the easiest option if you don't already have the AGS wiring avaiallbe over by the inverter.



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