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Issues with Exterior Lights, Headlight, Park and Clearance


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2008 Beaver Marquis

Hooked up to 50amp shore power.

I noticed on my first trip that my passenger side clearance light would stay on at all times, not vey bright but noticeable. On my second trip I noticed that it had switched to the drivers side, on at all times. I also noticed that when I had my headlight switch in the middle position for Parking Lights only, the headlights were on but a bit dimmer than when I had them actually switched on.

Additionally, after noticing this, the Wife and I changed out all the Interior lights to LED, they all worked fine as expected. I changed out the Cockpit lights with the Light switches off,  I installed the one over the Driver, and it was lit dimly. I then Installed the one over the Passenger and it was off.  I then installed the one just above the Passenger seat Headrest (under the Cabinet with the AV/SAT and Magnasine Remote Panel) the Passenger light now lit up dimly. I chose then to reinstall all three with Halogens and all three stayed off.

Are any of these items related possibly? Any suggestions on where I should start to look.


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Sounds like a grounding issue to me, when I purchased our coach a year and a half ago I tightened every ground screw I saw, when I started finding my way around our new coach I found ground wires and ground bars everywhere, I put a screwdriver to every one I noticed and if I run across one I haven’t tightened I stop and put a screwdriver to it, it’s surprising how many are somewhat loose! 
 I wish I had a definitive answer for your issue!

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I guess I’d start at the battery connections.  See if you have and wonky stuff going on in the FRB, indicator lights on the buss bars being somewhat dim, lose connections, so on and so on……… I have even seen running lights get moisture in them and do weird things too!

 Let us know what you find!

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