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Nasty Dicor streaks on windshield

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Have been getting a couple of streaks down my windshield after a rain that nothing will remove short of Super Fine steel wool.

Finally put two and two together, and realized they line up perfectly with a couple of items on the cap that are Dicor'ed.

One is a cable clamshell for a past satellite dish, which I will remove, and replace with Eternabond. The other will be more difficult. It's an aluminum plate with I 'believe' a satellite radio antenna in the center.

Possible the Dicor leaves more streaks as it ages, as neither of these have needed refreshing in a few years. 

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One of the best things I've found for the streaks on the RV glass or paint is LA's Totally Awesome cleaner. I get it at the dollar store. I actually prefer the Awesome Oxygen Orange cleaner but either one is good for the streaks and all kinds of cleaning. I think the main ingredient is ammonia.  I get those streaks on my side windows but I didn't realize they came from the Dicor but I think you may be right.

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Yeah, I know it's coming from old Dicor. The two problem streaks on my windshield line up perfectly with two dicor covered fixtures on the sloping front cap.

I tried some good glass cleaners, vinegar, you name it. Can only get them off with steel wool. Steel wool takes it off like butter, but I don't like to pull the ladder out before every move, and I'm picky about having a sparkling clean windshield.

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Well, dealt with the clamshell by removing it and replacing with a black painted square of Eternabond.

The XM radio antenna is more problematic! I kicked the can down the road by adding fresh Dicor over top. The little square antenna is about 1/2" higher than the plate surrounding it, so, a couple of strips of Eternabond over it would look like I had a low ceiling tent up there !

Wonder if one of the skylight makers would make me a dark 8.5"X 8.5" skylight I could Eternabond down, and not charge me $300 😁!

I should have brought my phone up and taken a picture so people would see what I'm dealing with!

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25 minutes ago, Al redcay said:

FYI  got tired of streaks on windshield so I bought a piece of vinyl rain gutter & mounted it above rubber strip of windshield , that eliminated the problem.

Yeah, I've considered that in the past. Think some models even left the factory with this installed.

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