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Metal roof seam reseal

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I am installing solar panels soon and decided it would be best to replace the seam seals on my 2005 Holiday Rambler Ambassador metal roof before the panels cover it. I plan to use Eternabond unless there is a better material. Does anyone have a better idea? Also, if I use Eternabond should I run a bead of other sealant along the edges of the Eternabond to prevent water from being driven under the edges of that material?

What is the best way to remove the old sealant? I have an oscillating tool if it's not too aggressive. It should be OK on the metal seam down the center of the center of the coach but am concerned about using it on the fiberglass of the end caps.

After the old material is removed how should I prep the surfaces for the new?

BTW, I wonder why HR didn't use a one piece roof to eliminate that seam right down the middle. Just cost?

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I hired it done as my knees are not up to kneeling any more.   Same coach and same reason.  I was about to install 6 -- 100 watt panels and wanted to never have to remove them for roof work

Lots of work to peel off the old decaying tape.  Found a guy in So-Calif who does only roof work.   He washed/scrub -brushed the old tape, and scrubbed the whole roof well,  after scuffing and brushing the old tape and sealed areas.  Then wiped with solvent.  He masked off the areas to be sealed and then used a two part Rubber that was toxic enough that it is not available in California.    He wore a Serious looking Respirator despite being 12 feet  up in a good breeze.   Painted on a heavy layer in all sealed areas.  Let it partial cure then pulled the masking so it would not become permanent.

Says the Rubber is warranted for 10 years.   But who knows.  I have a picture of the can somewhere.  Claimed the stuff cost him $135 a gal and he had to go out of California to buy it.

Looks great feels great.  Only time will tell.    600 watts of solar works like a charm

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